Lutie is a small town with very few inhabitants, for it is located in the far north where the cold never ceases and there is snow on the ground every day of the year. Thus, not many can stand to live in this climate. Lutie is north-west of Rachel, across a huge canyon called the Polius Ravine that can only be traversed over via airship.

Lutie's rich history tells of the very first witches and witch-hunters in Advent. On the outskirts of town is an old cottage, preserved by the residents as a part of history. Signs around the cottage tell of how thousands of years ago, a woman referred to as the Recluse Witch of Lutie had lived here terrorising the village until she had been captured and brought to justice. Whether this is truth or propaganda is a mystery, but the people of Lutie pride themselves on their "recent political correctness" regarding those who practise witchcraft. In short, Lutie townsfolk haven't much of a care for witches nowadays, but there are still traditional witch-hunters living in the city.

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