• Region: Sograt Regime
  • Population: 60,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism, New Freyanism
  • Known for: Capital of the Sograt Regime, capital city of crime

Morocc was the capital of the Sograt Regime, but since there is no established government, there isn't any particular rule that makes it the capital still. It is the most heavily populated city in Sograt and thus contains the most crime. Many bandits and crime lords reign here. There is no law, and stepping into this city puts one at great risk. However, with the recent fall of Hekate, other regions are beginning to fund soldiers to attempt to establish some justice. Independent law enforcement groups have also taken it upon themselves to arrest criminals if they are hiding out here and wanted in other countries. The city is not as dangerous as it was when Hekate and the Organisation ruled here, but it is certainly not a pleasant place to visit.

The black market is the sole economic force in Morocc. Exporting and importing of weapons, drugs, slaves, prostitutes and many other illegal items are common.

Within the centre of Morocc is a giant gaping crater that is fenced off and heavily guarded by Yuno militia members. The soldiers are paid only to guard the crater, so most criminals do not waste their time to bother with them. Inside of the crator, thirty kilometres down, is a dimensional rift. It is currently under heavy investigation lead by research teams in Schwartzvald and Rune Midgarts. Those who somehow manage to sneak past the guards and climb down into the crater are never, ever seen again.

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