• Region: Polius Ravine
  • Population: 20,000
  • Main religion: Freyanism
  • Known for: Lumber and petrol exports, seaside port

There aren't many people in Moscovia and there isn't much to see. The island city used to be under Rune Midgarts control and the patron town of Silven, God of Balance. However, Hekate and her Organisation took over the city as a second base for their operations. When Hekate was destroyed, it happened in the very town square of Moscovia. The impact of releasing her unholy power set the entire city and its surrounding forest aflame, and the town was abandoned.

After a few months the citizens of Polius ravine moved to Moscovia to restore it to its former glory. When they found out that certain exports could be carried out far more easily, it was declared as the Capital of Polius Ravine.

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