New Briar
  • Region: Archipelago of Yuan
  • Population: 2000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism, Shuukyo, New Freyanism, Druidism
  • Known for: Being a tiny city

New Briar is a new city founded by the faerie council. Since the capital city of the faeries, Bellan Dejour is becoming over-populated, the faerie queen Charmeuse has purchased a floating isle of land south of Gonryun to be the site for the next faerie city. All of the buildings are modelled after various towns around Rune Midgarts as a sign of diplomacy between the faeries and other races. It is a site where a congregation of culture can be found as the tiny faerie people go about their daily lives. The people of Gonryun have expressed that they are more than happy to accept their new neighbours. New Briar is officially a part of the Archipelago of Yuan and is eligible to receive government-funded resources if needed.

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