• Region: (Below) The Amaranthine Forest
  • Population:
    • Living: 2,000
    • Dead: Constantly changing
  • Main religion: All religions
  • Known for: City of the dead, necromancers' guild, vampire and spirit capital

Niflheim is the legendary City of the Dead, where the only living citizens are necromancers or those who are a bit strange and wish to surround themselves with a gloomy climate and the roaming deceased. Souls who are not yet ready to move on and are sorting out their emotional and personal issues can be seen at any time of the day here — if one is even able to tell night from day in this eternally dark city. It is said to be the patron village of the gods of death. The mayor of the city is Alisha Tufur, a succubus and high-ranking necromancer. One of the magic wells of Advent is also located somewhere in the city, heavily protected from those who may abuse it.

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