• Region: Rune-Midgards
  • Population: 10,000
  • Main religion: Trianthism, Shuukyo
  • Known for: Archers' Guild

Previously the original territory of Yuan Empire, Payon is quite comfortably populated with not too many or too little people in Rune-Midgards. The residents are all mostly human. While other cities are governed by mayors, Payon is ruled by a noble lord, whose title is descended throughout their bloodline. Most settlers here supports Trianthism, following the major religion that dominates the kingdom. However, the main religion practiced here is Shuukyo, as the people wished to preserve the remnants of the days they were still under the ruler of Yuan.

Payon is located deep within the mountains south of Prontera. There are steep slopes and thick evergreens as far as the eye can see. As far as any of the inhabitants remember, it has always belonged to the humans. However, some of the longer-living races, such as the dryads, have a legend that differs completely from this belief.

Many future hunters and wandering musicians start their career here in the outskirt-village in northern Payon, where the Archers' Guild is located. The mountainous terrain provides excellent hunting grounds for archers of all abilities.

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