• Region: Rune Midgards
  • Former Name: Ravandon
  • Population: 50,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism
  • Known for: Capital city of Rune Midgards & Trianthianism; Knights', Crusaders', Acolytes' and Priests' guilds, Knights Brigade Forts

Prontera is the capital city and the largest city in Rune Midgarts. Many people of different races reside here, but the main religion is strictly Trianthianism. The Royal Castle where the King resides, and the church of Trianthianism where the Pope resides are located here. The militia of Rune Midgarts is also located within the city, composed of valiant knights and paladins clad in full body armour and prepared to become martyrs for their beliefs and the king. A great amount of clergy members of varying ranks can also be seen all throughout the city serving the purposes of the church.

Prontera's commerce is mainly centred around agriculture. The city is free of industrial business, but there are a handful of traditional blacksmiths and mechanics as well. It is a very traditional city, where making a living off of ones' talents and staying true to the gods of Trianthianism is of most importance.

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