• Region: Arunafeltz Empire
  • Population: 70,000
  • Main religion: New Freyanism
  • Known for: Capital of the Arunafeltz Empire, capital of the New Freyanist church

Rachel is the largest city in Arunafeltz and is also the most populated city on the main continent. The headquarters for the Church of Freya lies within the heart of this city; a huge temple of white marble and gold finish. The steps to the temple are extremely long, with statues of Freya lining the way. White-robed clergy members can be seen bustling up and down the stairways throughout the day.

Like clockwork, every morning and evening the city's PA system and radios throughout the neighbourhoods proclaim live broadcasts from Pope Lenore The radio shows are the main source of news and religious publication. Since the rise of the new Pope, the city has been at peace and has been more tolerable of visitors of other faiths. Still, the innermost chambers of the Temple of Freya are off-limits to those without a security pass—usually higher-ranking clergy members such as priests and bishops.

Imports and exports via airship and locomotive are the main part of Rachel's commerce. Rare ores mined from Veins and the Thor Volcano, petrol extracted from Moscovia and Veins, and speciality weapons are the main source of trade for Arunafeltz. These items must be checked by various officials in Rachel before they can be shipped all over the world through the port area south of Veins.

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