• Region: Amaranthine Forest
  • Population: 40,000
  • Main religion: Unknown
  • Known for: Ironically, it is known for little being known about it

Umbala is a jungle tribe situated mostly in the canopy and branches of the jungle trees. Very little of the tribe is located on the ground; instead, wooden platforms and bridges create a maze of a town in the upper parts of the trees. The indigenous people here bear strikingly different physical features than what most Adventians are used to; shorter in height, with dark skin and hair. The native people are usually outfitted in tribal clothes and paint, and have a fascination with wearing masks. They speak a language that is not easily learned by foreigners, and are known to be quick and nimble hunters. The Umbalans make no effort to care about foreigners, instead living off of the abundance of resources found in the Amaranthine Forest.

The people and their ways of life are a mystery to those not included in the tribe. Practises of magic often not seen elsewhere are apparent here, and no one is quite sure what exactly their religion is. Umbalans are cautious of visitors, but not unfriendly. The tribe is known to exist by many established governments throughout Advent, but it is so far out of the way that it seems more trouble than its worth to include as a part of any existing country.

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