Wolvesfield Crags

Wolvesfield Crags is a city in the high desert of Arunafeltz, near the Thor Volcano. Many of the homes extend underground, as it is a werewolves' natural instinct to live in underground dens. Above ground, there are several walls and buildings made of local stone. A few low-lying desert shrubs grow here and there, since the summers are quite dry and hot and the winters are bone-chilling cold with low humidity. The werewolves here prefer to live in a more tribal atmosphere, and outsiders are few and far between. It is a place where feral and cultured werewolves congregate together, tightly knit by their sense of pride and loyalty.

Miners and oil-drillers on their way to the camp near Thor Volcano avoid Wolvesfield Crags like the plague, for the feral werewolves of the city are more than happy to make straying adventurers their prey; unless given a good reason otherwise.

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