• Region: Schwartzvald Republic
  • Population: 30,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism, New Freyanism
  • Known for: Capital of the Schwartzvald Republic, Heart of Ymir, Scholars' Academy

Yuno is the capital of the Schwartzvald Republic, and much to the interest of tourists, rests on several floating plateaus. The president and her cabinet work in the northern part of the city, and guided tours are available throughout the office. To the east part of the city is the Scholars' Academy, where a vast maze of a library can also be found. Many parts of this library are restricted and require varying levels of clearance to access. This is partly due to the fact that the Heart of Ymir, one of the elemental magic wells of Advent, is known to be locked inside somewhere.

Yuno is a perfect example of science and magic coming together to benefit society. The residents take pride in their fondness for logic and use of magic coexisting and supporting one another. There are many government-sponsored research centres in Yuno that have limited access to the public. But it is still a heavily visited area because of how the city floats above the desert plains of Schwartzvald.

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