Dancer Job Quest Guide

How to advance to the Dancer class.1


Dancers are the female versions of one of the support classes of RO (bards), although they have no healing magic. They have AoE spells that help allies and hinder enemy, which can benefit a party that stays close to the dancer.


You must be an archer at job level 40 to start the quest.

1. Find Bor Robin in the centre of Comodo and talk to him. He will warp you to the theatre where you can start the test

2. At the left of the stage, talk to Aire to apply for the job quest. She will ask you to bring some items and maybe zeny to cover the cost of the dancing school. There are 3 possible sets of items (and zeny) she might ask you to bring, refer to the list below.

  • ITEM SET 1
    • 10,000z
    • Sticky Mucus x 20
    • Red Potion x 5
    • Jellopy x 3
    • Shoes x 1
    • 10,000z
    • Earthworm Peeling x 5
    • Boots x 1
  • ITEM SET 3
    • Clam Shell x 2
    • Yellow Potion x 5
    • Jellopy x 20
    • Black Hair x 10
    • Sandals x 1

Bring her the required list that she requests. She will then direct you to Bijou for a quiz and dancing test.

3. Bijou will ask a random set of questions:

What is the effect of 'Classical Pluck/Loki's Veil'? Makes skills and magic unusable
After you have finished using an Ensemble skill with a partner, what should you never do? You tell the partner they did an insufficient job
When a partner activates the incorrect dance what should you do? Point out the mistake
What is the name of the village where you can designate the change of your occupation to that of a Dancer? Comodo
How many caves are directly connected to Comodo Village? 3
Which of the following is not able to be tamed? Argiope
Who is the best Dancer? Bijou
What is one of the main attractions of Comodo? The Casino
What is my name? Bijou
What is the effect of 'Lullaby'? Makes all enemies asleep in a 9x9 area


What is the effect of 'Dancing Lessons'? The damage of whip type attacks are raised
While doing this type of dance, you wear special shoes that make loud sounds. What is this type of dancing called? Tap dance
Choose the thing a Dancer cannot do. Use a 2-Handed Sword
What is the town where Dancers stay the most? Comodo
What person can perfrom the most beautiful dances? Bijou
The Dancer, in comparison with other occupations, has what advantage? Dance Capability
What is the Casino managers name? Moo
As for the item which the Dancer cannot equip? Two-handed Sword
Do you think this test is boring? Give me more questions
How many lighthouses exist on Comodo Island? 1

4. Once you finish the quiz, it's the time to show her your dancing talent.

In this test, you have a chance to go onto the stage and dance. Bijou will warp you to the test area, you just have to enter the waiting room chatbox to wait for your turn.

This test will last for 1 minute. Once you get onto the stage, there will be announcements to tell you when to begin and what to do. You will have to move to various positions as instructed by the announcements.

Here are the notation explanations:

  • [ < ] = Move to the left
  • [ > ] = Move to the right
  • [ * ] = Go back to the centre of the stage
  • [ \/ ] = Move down towards the front of the stage
  • [ /\ ] = Move up towards the back of the stage

There are the steps you have to perform during the test. Do them only when the announcement instruct you to

  • # Up
  • # Down
  • # Left
  • # Right
  • # Centre
  • # Stay in entre
  • # Use 'Attention Concentrate' (Improve Concentration)
  • # Left
  • # Down
  • # Right
  • # Stay in right
  • # Left, centre, right, up
  • # Right
  • # Left, centre, down, Up
  • # Left, centre, down, up
  • # Down
  • # Left
  • # Centre
  • # Kill the monster using Arrow Shower.

When you are finished, talk to Bijou again and she will change you into a dancer. If you are at job level 50, you will get a Whip [3]. Otherwise, you will get a Rope [3].

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