Dice Fighting

This guide will show new members how to properly Dice Fight in AdventRO.

In AdventRO, we fight with a system that differs from normal Ragnarok Online PvP. In short, we use dice to determine which attacks hit and miss. This allows for more interactive, Role Play based battles. It also keeps the fights fair, despite OoC (Out of character) level and equipment differences.


To begin, there are two main commands that are used in dice fights. These are: @me and /dice.

@me allows you to speak in third person, so that you may describe your attack.

@me jumps toward <Target> and slashes with his sword
This action will be displayed as
* :<Character Name> jumps toward <Target> and slashes with his sword: *

/dice is a command that will have your character roll a die in an emoticon. The number rolled is random.
Be careful not to roll your dice too fast after you say your attack! The text can often block the emoticon and cause you to miss the number you rolled.



Whenever a fight begins, there will always be a team A and a team B. Each side will take turns attacking.

The first thing to do before beginning the actual fight is to Roll for Initiative for team A. This means that each player in the team will roll a dice and whoever rolls the biggest number will attack first. The order of attack will proceed in a descending order determined by the number they rolled. If two or more people tie, they will reroll to see who attacks first out of the tie.

After team A finishes their attack order, team B will roll for initiative in the same fashion.

The Battle

Attacking and Being Hit

After the attack order is decided, each player on team A will take turns making their moves. They will use the @me command to describe their attack, and then proceed to use the /dice command to see what number they roll. The defender will then roll to see if they are hit or if they dodge. Whoever rolls the higher number wins.

Attacking character A rolls a 5
Defending character B rolls a 3

Character B must now enter a description of how they were hit using @me. This can be as simplistic or as descriptive as you like. (Though keep in mind that not many people want to read a novel-length description on how much your guts are spewing)

Example: * :Character B is hit in the arm and winces: *


Now in a different scenario, if Attacking Character A rolled the lower number in a duel, their attack will either miss or be blocked.

Attacking Character A rolls a 3
Attacking Character B rolls a 5

Character B must now describe how they dodge or block the attack using @me

Example: * :Character B sidesteps out of the way: *

Auto hit and fail

The numbers 6 and 1 are special in an AdventRO dice fight.

If Character A is attacking and rolls a 6, his attack will hit NO MATTER WHAT. This is an Autohit.

However, if Character A rolls a 1, his attack will miss NO MATTER WHAT. This is an Autofail.


These are the basics of an AdventRO Dice Fight. Keep in mind that while these are the very basics, there *may* be slight changes in the rules, depending on the particular fight. (Such as handicaps, battle order changes, etc.) These would be discussed and decided before the battle starts.
It may seem confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is great fun.

Happy Role Playing!

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