Gunslinger Job Quest Guide

This is a job change guide to becoming a gunslinger1


Gunslingers use a mulitude of weapons to create multiple attacks all dealing high damage with an exception of a few. With the range of an archer and the power close to a job changed swordsman, it is definately a formidable class


Warning: You must be a novice at job level 10 to start the quest.
Luckily for you this job quest is decently easy. This guide will be short and simple.

Step 1: Talk to Master Miller located inside a building located at the center of Einbroch, City of Steel. Look for some complicated stairs they lead to the building.

Master Miller's Location

Talk to Master Miller to signup for the job quest, he will ask you to find another NPC in Payon.

After you changed to a gunslinger, enter the portal marked red on the interior map to get access to the guns and ammunition sellers.

Step 2: Talk to The Wise Bullhorn; to find him go from Payon's South Entrance, go across the bridge and then keep walking east.

Wise Bull Horn's Location

Feather x 3
Zargon x 3
Rainbow Shell x 3
Shell x 10
Green Herb x 3
Trunk x 1
Milk x 1

He will ask you to give him some items (listed above) , there is a hidden item he doesn't mention. After you gave him the items he requested, keep talking to him until he mentiosn that he needs Milk. So, give him a milk then you can go back to the gunslinger guide and get the job change.

Step 3: Profit
You're a gunslinger go shoot somebody.

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