-Professors 101: A Simple Way to Literal Bolt Spam-

Being a professor is…unique. This job has the capabilities of handling, or leading, assaults, and is well capable of defending himself against threats that would make a High Wizard run for the hills. It is, or at least should, play a support role in your merry little team. Able to cancel buffs, including berserk, provide area of effect spells that boost certain things, and perform some team buffs (such as soul exchange) to aid those in need. But, we'll cover that all later.

Becoming a Mage:

Ah, the mage class/job/something. This class is simply your beginner battle mage. To change job, you need to go to Geffen (oocly on Advent) and find the mage guild: Around the north west section of town (using double-right click to find North.) Do the quest, and congrats, you made it to your first job.

As a Mage:
The first thing you would want to do (in terms of skills) invest in SP recovery and preferably Napalm beat. After getting napalm beat to a certain level, you unlock Soul Strike: The spell that does very well against undead (and casts absurdly fast with low dex.) Once you get Soul Strike, head over to Payon and use your newly found power to…destroy everything. Maxing out in Soul Strike, then SP, and finally Napalm Beat is a good way to start out, due to the fact that you recover SP quicker and you can spam attack undead.
Stat wise, it is a good idea to invest in INT, as this improves magic damage, magic defense, as well as your SP. It is also preferable to start investing in Dex, as Dex reduces casting time. Having some Agi does help as well, but don't put to much! Being a ninja mage is not as impressive as being a human weather system.

Becoming a Sage:

Woo, you made it to job level 40/'50. It is a good idea to stay as a mage until JLvl 50, as you can invest 10 more skill points into spells than if you just transform into a sage right away. To become a sage, you must go to Yuno and register for the quest. has the full info on how to do this absurdly long job change. After you finish, good job, you're a sage!

As a Sage:
Alright, being a sage is different from a mage in many ways. First off: You would want to use books, as you get a skill that increases the effect of books (or at least what you can do with it) by a significant amount. It is a good idea to invest in dragonology, as it boosts your spell damage. Take advantage of reading skill descriptions to deciding what skills are necessary. Also, as a sage you may want to put points into support skills (mainly due to the fact a professor uses the same essential skills.) Skills such as Volcano, Deluge, and etc all boost elemental damage of the skills name sake, allowing you to do more damage with said spells.
As a Sage, tap in to your zeny reserves and get a stat reset. Although it sounds rather loony, it does help with deciding your future build: the build you will use as a professor. Int should go first, then Dex, and finally a some agi. It is best to ignore str, luk, and vit until you have to deal with things such as WoE or PvP. Now, in some cases, people prefer to sacrifice that damage for a faster casting time. These players choose dex over int, allowing them a greater mobility when attacking.

Becoming a Professor:

Excellent, you've dealt with leveling through that arduous grind, and are ready to die!…and be reborn. To become a reborn class, you have two choices:
A: The short way (In AdventRO, there is a special way to transcend your class. First off, you must acquire a Gemstone from the MvP Tao Gunka. Tao Gunka is found in Comodo's west Beach Dungeon map (beach_dun). It respawns once every 10~300 minutes. After that, you must talk to the Professor Transcendence NPC one map south of Yuno.)
B: The long way
The long way is slightly more difficult, as you need to walk more than the short way. The long way also allows you to incorporate role playing aspects into your character while changing them! Double trouble! Hey :D
PS: When you turn into a High Novice, you get 100 stat points to allocate anywhere, it is highly advised you put them into dex and agi first, allocating points into Int after leveling a bit. This allows you to hit things and avoid getting hit back (though you'll do less damage.) Another way you could take this is to screw int until you come close to becoming a mage, investing in strength to level faster.

As a Professor:
Like the Sage, you would want to put your skills into boosting your over all capabilities. One of the biggest spells people go for first is Double Bolt (AKA: Double Casting.) Double Bolt, as the name claims, doubles the number of bolts casted at once; IE: Fire Bolt lvl 10 fires 20 bolts, rather than the ordinary 10! After you attain this skill, go for whatever else you feel is necessary. Your earlier adventures as a Sage should show you how it works.
Very very similar to the sage. Needless to say, Int, Dex, and Agi.


As a professor, you are very well rounded for the attack, defense, and support. Here are some things to know about each category:

  • Attack: The assault professor generally gets instant cast (120 dex on Advent) before getting anything else. This class, as mentioned above, is built to screw people up with their debuffs and bolt spam them to Timbuktu. To play as this class, you would definitely need Double Casting, Moving while casting, and that skill that makes you impervious to flinching while casting. The assault professor always does this: Boltspamboltspamboltspam DEBUFF, continue bolt spam. Having a card or two that removes cast delay also helps make this type of professor a very dangerous one.
  • Defense: See Attack. The best defense is a good offense as they say…
  • Support: These professors do not necessarily have instant cast. These guys prefer to stay in the back lines and help out the priests or other mages every now and then. Soul exchange, Spell Cancel (debuff,) and a variety of other spells characterize this type of a player. Expect them to cause hell by debuffing YOUR team and removing bad buffs on theirs.


  • High Wizards: If a high wizard doesn't have instant cast, he's playing the wrong class. Canceling his spells, nulling AoE with Land Protector, and utterly destroying his SP with soul breaker can ruin this classes day.
  • Swordies: Generally, unless they have charge attack, they can't get to you fast enough to stop you from bolting them to death. They DO have ridiculously high HP though, and may take some time to kill.


  • Assassins/Stalkers: I hate these guys. They'll sneak right up to you and full strip you. After that, they destroy you. Stay away from these guys, no questions asked.
  • Snipers/Gunslingers: These guys will take you on from afar. It's a good idea to prioritize getting rid of them first (if you can't see any assassins or stalkers,) as they are the second biggest threats to you.
  • Other Professors: In this case, it's fair game. Whoever strikes first will probably win this game. Formidable opponents, but just as squishy.


Overall, the professor class/job is the job I prefer the most. It provides supportive capabilities and attack capabilities that can possibly outstrip a High Wizards AoE spells if used correctly. However, it is to be noted that the professor is squishy. If you get target first and you can't spam them or counter them quick enough: you're as good as a piece of cloth. Staying away from the front lines counters this issue, but still, avoid making close contact at all times.

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