Swordsman Platinum Skills


The swordsman class has three platinum skills for their class.

Fatal Blow

Fatal blow is passive.
Fatal Blow adds a chance to stun enemies when using Bash level 6 or higher.
Stun Chance is calculated at approximately 5%*(Bash SkillLV - 5)

Location: Knight's Guild in Prontera
Level or Skill Requirements: Level 5 Bash
Item Requirements:
Fire Arrow x 10
Silver Arrow x 10
Banana Juice x 1
Tentacle x 30
Royal Jelly x 5

Moving HP Recovery

Moving HP Recovery is passive.
Moving HP Recovery allows recovery of HP at 50% of standing recovery while moving.

Location: Building on eastern island of Izlude
Level or Skill Requirements: Job Level 35 or higher. Does not apply to Knights and Crusaders.
Item Requirements:
Empty Bottle x 200
Moth Wings x 1

Auto Berserk

Auto Beserk is passive with activation
Auto Berserk automatically activates when your HP drops below 25% giving the effect of Level 10 Provoke on yourself.

Location: Room in Prontera Weapon Refine Shop
Level or Skill Requirements: Job level 30 or Higher. Does not apply to Knights and Crusaders.
Item Requirements:
Powder of Butterfly x 35
Horrendous Mouth x 10
Decayed Nail x 10
Honey x 10

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