Alrighty, so you want to make a swordsman hmm? Well it can't be THAT hard can it?

So let's get started.
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1A. Basic Information
2A. How to be a swordie
1B. How to be a Knight
1C. Transcending in Advent
1CC. The Long Way
1CD. The Short Way

1A. Basic Info:
Swordsmen, or swordies for short, are the main tanks of RO. They usually suck up the damage and generate *wow reference here* aggro to keep the monsters away from the others. Besides defenses capabilities, they have many battle skills to help bash someone or something's brain in. They change into:
Knight (Jlvl 40~50) -> Lord Knight (Lvl/Jlvl 99+) -> (EVENTUALLY) Rune Knight (??)
Crusaders (Jlvl 40~50 -> Paladin (Lvl/Jlvl 99+) -> (EVENTUALLY) Royal Guard (??)

NOTE: I'm only adding in information about changing to a swordsman and a Knight. Not a Crusader.

2A. How to be a swordie
You must be job level 10 with level 9 basic skill. If not, go reset or go level so you can get it.

#1: Go to Izlude. Once there, go to the center of town and then go westward across a bridge, and into a building. That building is the swordsman job change place (There's a real name for it I just forgot it)

#2: Talk to the guy behind the desk and sign up. Not to hard right?

#3: After signing up, talk to the guy to the left of the master swordsman. He will warp you to a room with a person and a guard. Talk to the person first, she'll tell you what you need to know about the test, than talk to the guard, who will warp you to the testing zone.

#4: Simply walk through all three maps. Avoid falling and engaging monsters here, as it will send you to a small maze. Passing this small maze will lead you back to the beginning, where you'll start over. You have seven minutes or so, therefore taking your time isn't a bad idea to avoid falling. Once you're at the final room, talk to the girl in the center to finish the test.

#5: All done? Talk to the master swordsman one more time and he'll change you to a swordie. Congrats! :D

1B. To be a Knight
Good job! You've made it to job level 40 (or 50 in some cases)! Now you want to become a knight and embody the spirit of chivalry! Alrighty, not to hard. Let's get started.

#1. Get to the Prontera Chivalry. It's in N.W. Prontera. West of the castle. It's a lone building, so its easy to find. Talk to the Captain and sign up. (Note: YOU MUST BE J.LVL 40 AND ABOVE TO CONTINUE)

#2. Talk to Sir Andrew Syloc. He should be next to the entrance. He'll tell you to gather a few things to continue. (Note: You don't have to do this if you're job lvl 50)
List 1:
Elder Pixies mustache x5
Wing of Red Bat x5
Orcish Voucher x5
Moth Dust x5
Reptile Tongue x5
Mane x5

List 2:
Bug Leg x5
Heart of Mermaid x5
Snail's Shell x5
Clam Flesh x5
Old Frying Pan x5
Maneater Blossom x5

#3. Talk to Sir James Syracuse. He'll give you a knowledge test. The answers are pretty simple, but here's a cheat sheet:
Endure Lvl 10
Spear Stab
Tell the novice

#4. Talk to the guy flipping a coin. he should be to the right of the captain. He'll warp you into a room where you fight for three rounds. Just beat every monster in the room to pass.
Tip: Bring some pots in case you get beaten up badly. I also suggest a blue herb or two, as bashing makes the world go round.
Once you beat them all, this section is done.

#5. Talk to only female knight present in the room. Answer her questions the way you see fit. This part is perhaps the easiest, as you just have to follow the lines of what a knight would do in real life.

#6: Talk to the guy slamming a big sword in the ground. He should be next to a table. He'll warp you to a room where you have to WAIT for four minutes. PS: You auto fail if you attack any monsters. Once your four minutes are up, he'll warp you out and you auto pass the test.

#7. Talk to the guy near the bed, Sir Grey. Answer his questions anyway you want. Once you're done, go talk to the captain again. He'll talk to the others and then job change you. If you're J.level 40 ~ 49 you get 3 awakening potions, if you J.lvl 50 you get 7.

1C. Transcending in Advent
Once you've finally reached level 169/50 it is time to Transcend.

In order to transcend, you must acquire a Gemstone from the MvP Tao Gunka. Tao Gunka is found in Comodo's west Beach Dungeon map (beach_dun). It respawns once every 10~300 minutes.
The NPC to change you into Lord Knight is located one map west of Prontera. If you follow along the north bank of the river you should find him.

Credits: Ratemyserver.net for most of the answers for the tests and the minimap.

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