Transcendence NPC Locations

The Transcending Process

In AdventRO, there is a special way to transcend your class. First off, you must acquire a Gemstone from the MvP Tao Gunka. Tao Gunka is found in Comodo's west Beach Dungeon map (beach_dun). It respawns once every 10~300 minutes. After that, you must talk to your respective transcendence NPC.

Here is a list of each NPC and their locations.

Swordman Branch

Lord Knight

One map west of Prontera
(prt_fild05 181 226)
knightmap.jpg knightnpc.jpg


One map east of Prontera
(prt_fild06 103 233)
paladinmap.jpg snipernpc.jpg

Mage Branch

High Wizard

One map east of Geffen
(gef_fild00 180 167)
wizardmap.jpg wizardnpc.jpg


One map south of Yuno
(yuno_fild04 257 197)
professormap.jpg professornpc.jpg

Archer Branch


One map south of Payon
(pay_fild01 318 236)
snipermap.jpg snipernpc.jpg

Clown and Gypsy

Comodo City
Gypsy: (comodo 185 163)
Clown: (comodo 192 163)
clowngypsymap.jpg gypsynpc.jpg clownnpc.jpg

Merchant Branch


One west of Alberta
(pay_fild03 312 36)
whitesmithmap.jpg whitesmithnpc.jpg


One west of Aldebaran
(alde_gld 226 189)
creatormap.jpg creatornpc.jpg

Thief Branch

Assassin Cross

One map south of Morocc
(moc_fild12 264 276)
assassinmap.jpg assassinnpc.jpg


Hugel City
(hugel 63 81)
stalkermap.jpg stalkernpc.jpg

Acolyte Branch

High Priest

Inside the Shyden Church
Church Location: (shyden_ 229 281)
NPC Location: (prt_church 100 123)
priestmap.jpg priestnpc.jpg


One map north of Veins
(ve_fild06 104 240)
No Map Available. Just keep following the road and the NPC will be on the side.

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