Introduction: The Force

Year 0 - Beginning

WARNING: Players cannot know this part of information ICly unless your character is an Avatar of an Element. Then again by knowing this information, the particular character would be bound by secrecy.

Upon the creation of the world Advent, the Gods wanted to create life-forms that when they grew old, their physical being died and their energy is cycled back into a new life-form in order to keep a certain stream of energy going. This is what led the Gods to start experimenting on something called a “soul”, a collective form of pure untainted energy that could be generated over and over again, if not tainted, in order to keep life on Advent going.

Therefore the Gods created the first soul in existence, referring to this experiment as the “Force”, the soul that would eventually multiply and create all life-forms so that the cycle of life is established, first evolve a soul-form and then builds a physical shell for the soul. However their plans have gone a bit astray: the soul started to get tainted on its own, the energy started to turn from bright white light into a sickening dark green. As they watched their creation to rot into its own created negativity in shock, the Gods had a lengthy conversation regarding its disposal. Silven suddenly suggested that the Force should not be disposed of, yet locked away on the world itself to create the balance against the good Force they had to yet create. The Barons and Eire agreed, temporarily sealing the first soul and keeping it near them in order to create the second Force and correcting their mistakes. It was a successful creation and therefore the Gods let the good Force upon the earth to multiply and create the first mortal lives.

However the Gods did not let loose their first mistake. The Barons took this soul of negativity to the Ice Caverns, sealing it in the deepest corner possible so that adventurers will have a hard time to even encounter it. Eire, to make sure nobody will be able to reach the Force, has created one of the most powerful creatures ever created on Advent to protect the whole world from their mistake: the Ktullanux.

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