This piece of story is part of the Timeline, therefore it is a past

Year 8077 - Arunafeltz and Prontera

Hekate, a high priestess from the Veins Abbey, was lurking around Arunafeltz desert in order to train her skills and powers, rivalling her sister Nephilia as she wanted to be the best of all when suddenly, out of the scorching waves of heat, a call drifted in the winds. Being curious and entranced at the same time, Hekate followed the voice until she reached the opening of a cavern adorned in ice. She walked in and defeated the ice creatures, even Garm and Ktullanux, arriving to the core of the Force where it was frozen for eternity.

The Force has identified Hekate as being a perfect host for itself, therefore it started to seep out of the ice in order to start its process of manifestation, commanding Hekate to go back to the Abbey and kill everyone to state her power. As malice sprouted in the heart of the woman, she grinned and made her way to the surface once more, walking threateningly back to the Abbey. All the desert creatures fled helplessly and the winds blew wilder as nature itself felt the hazard of a monster that has risen back to the surface from the Ice Caverns.

As soon as she arrived on the island, Hekate started to destroy the buildings and slay her fellow priests one by one. As some tried to counter her back, others fled for their lives however, all of the attempts alike were all in vain. Hekate was simply too powered with her new gift from its new entity and the Bishop desperately tried to smuggle out as much priests as he could. As soon as Hekate put her eyes on her sister Nephilia she tried to engage her in battle and struggling between them made Nephilia realize that there was something wrong with her sister, trying to clash head to head with her in order to stop her yet all was in vain. Nephilia fled for her life with Hekate on her tail, crying out for help in order to save her life. Bishop Hibram was terrified by the scene, therefore he intervened in order to give Nephilia time to flee for her life along with the other priests and therefore resulted into the downfall of the Bishop.

Nephilia looked back at the Abbey from the departing boat as she saw a curtain of evil shadowing the Abbey, cursing every inch of it. As the burden of sadness grew on the priestess’ mind, Nephilia and the rest of the priests went to find shelter in the capital city of Arunafeltz, Rachel.

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