This piece of story is part of the Timeline, therefore it is a past

Years 8078-8088 - Arunafeltz, Prontera and Morocc

After a year, Arunafeltz started to suffer attacks that caused the desertion of Beins and the civil war in Arunafeltz. As Hekate spread the powerful influence of the Force, she gained a small army of her own and further power of dominance, eventually the influence started to interfere the religious beliefs of Rachel. The Pope himself started to oppose the Church of Prontera, the citizens of Rachel started to believe that Hekate is a Goddess called “Freya”, commanding them into performing bloody rituals and become her underlings to spread her word. As soon as her sister Nephilia saw this, she fled to Prontera as she stayed loyal to the proper gods.

Other events such as the downfall of the King and the Pope followed, become Beelzebub and The Gloom Under Night respectfully; as one was stuck in Rachel Sanctuary as a defender of the faith, the King was shunned in the Abbey as a punishment for not accepting the “true” religion of Freya. Nephilia rose from all the conflicts and made a pact with the gods as she knew she was the only one that successfully rivalled her sister before. She exchanged her freedom with power in order to aid the populace and therefore becoming the most powerful Priestess on Advent.

Nephilia countered Hekate successfully in order not to dominate Rune-Midgard with her religion charade and by time held command of the Church, therefore gaining the title of “Pope” and also being the first woman gaining such a title.

Hekate, enraged by the interference of her sister Nephilia, stormed out of Arunafeltz and took her small small army of bandits and marched to the Sograt Regime. With the intentions of taking Morocc under her hand for strategy reasons, stormed into the city and fought her way to the Sultan. As her underlings fought and killed half of the populace, Hekate threw over the government by killing the Sultan and declaring herself of being the Govenor, with the newly founded “Organisation” as her personal guards system.

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