Church Of Freya

General Information


Freyanism is an offspring of the religion Triantism regarding means and ways of worship, however the followers completely shunned the three Gods of Advent. Freyanists believe in one goddess they call Freya, who they claim formed Advent on her own and the other demi-gods Liam Ark, Silven Light and the Barons.


Freyanism was originally formed by Hekate, the Govenor of Morroc back in the days when she was newly possessed by the Force. Hekate went to Rachel, who was back there a Trianthistic territory and home for many priests and priestesses, where she has started to spread her exceedingly influential charisma and power. Calling herself Freya, she has identified herself as Goddess and spread the belief that the Gods of Advent are nothing than her children, sealing her away in the Ice Caverns so that they could have the world for their own.

Enraged by such an "enlightenment", the citizens of Rachel were blinded by the Force and started to fight off people of strong belief in Trianthianism. By time a civil war initiated and overthrew the Trianthistic Archbishop, making Freya herself the ruler of Rachel. By time Veins was dominated under her hands and a 10 year war burst out between Rachel and Prontera after a few.

For the first time Triantism was put onto its knees and was on the brink of losing its power until Pope Nephilia rose from the chaos and re-organized the structure of the Church. Freyanists and Triantians clashed once more and Hekate fell after the Avatars were found.

After such an event the Freyanists were furious at the the Triantists for sealing back their Goddess in the caverns…or so it was believed when the next Pope of Freya emerged. rrestored to their former glory, Freyanists are mroe brutal than ever before.


The religion is a very strict one which has its own clothing styles, capital punishments, political order, ect. This religion by the rest of Advent is considered to be the most fanatical religion of all, having a typical follower usually being chaotic and rebellious towards others with different belief and extremely generous for whoever is of their belief. Having an extremely low-tolerance to other religions, a Freyanist will never allow anyone to practice their religion while they are around or, if they do, they'd mock it heavily. It is also known that Freyanists tend to fight or even to kill for their religion. In fact some of their rituals require human sacrifices and murders of others of different belief, thinking that this would "please Freya".

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