Church Of Prontera

General Information


The Church of Prontera is a religious organization that follows the Triantistic belief, that means they believe in all the three Gods of Creation and shun away the Forsaken God of Chaos. They also have a strict code of clothing when it comes to professions and priesthood while leaving the common followers to wear whatever they wish and like.


The Church of Prontera has a strict dogma when it comes to the religion and they tend to abide by a set of Commandments (10 in total) that each Triantistic follower in this Church is to try and live by them as much as possible in order to fulfill a good life. The belief also has a set of Capital Sins recognized, ones which are to be avoided at all cost.

Ten Commandments
You are to recognize us Three Gods: Life, Death and Balance
You shall not recognize nor follow the God of Chaos
You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your Gods
Honor your family, neighbors and community
You shall not murder
You shall not commit adultery
You shall not steal
You shall be truthful all the time
You shall not covet your neighbor's spouse
You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor
Sins and Virtues
Capital Sins Countering Virtues
Lust Chastity
Gluttony Temperance
Avarice/Greed Charity
Sloth Digilence
Wrath Patience
Envy Kindness
Pride Humility
nil nil
nil nil

What Magic do members of this Church practice?

Pronterans tend to practice Life Magics in three different techniques, which vary only lightly from one another. It is also common knowledge that they never practice Necro Magic, even though they have nothing against it, as they disagree to use the bodies of the dead as an aid to the living. They consider it as a disturbance of peace when the body should now rest and become one with the world again. Another reason for such a denial is because Triantistic followers believe that the business of the living should stay within Life and not transported to the realms of the dead; they had quite enough trouble in their time of living.

  • Supportive Holy Magic:
    • This is the magic used by the Priesthood of Prontera. Leaning more on the supportive side of the magic, Priests tend to wield the power for the benefit of their present party or community they live in. However even though this may sound rather soft, it has its' offensive; a priest can perform exorcism on undead, causing damage in order to release the undead from their earthly bounds. A priest is also able to learn Holy Light as an offensive technique, mastered throughout the years in order to defend themselves properly.
  • Defensive Holy Magic:
    • This is the magic used by the Paladins of Prontera. They tend to have the basics of an acolyte, however they start their training start off as swordsmen. Trained specifically for the battlefield, a Paladin is more defensive rather than offensive, thus having skills like Heal,Devotion and Sacrifice. However they do hold offensive techniques to get out from tight spots, such skills being for example Holy Cross and Grand Cross.
  • Offensive Holy Magic:
    • This is the magic used by the Monkhood of St.Capitolina, where monks are trained to serve the Gods as their fist of might. Having common practices like those practiced by the Skuukyo believers such as deep meditations and tuning themselves to Nature, a Monk of St.Capitolina focuses his energies driven from Life Magics and believe that the Gods are the center of their power.
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