Divine Pagoda

General Information

  • Main church: Ayothaya
  • Leader: (no player)
  • Belief: Shuukyo
  • Opposing Religion: None
  • Non-Tolerant to: Freyanism


Shuukyo is a religion that manifested and has mostly stayed in the Archipelago of Yuan. Shuuyko followers believe that there are three gods whose names must not be spoken; they are simply referred to as Seikatsu (life), Baratsu (balance), and Shipatsu (death). Before eating meals, Shuukyo believers say a prayer thanking the gods, the plants and the animals for gracing them with nutrition. They are very humble people who believe that the most important thing, above all, is paying respects to the gods, the spirit of all living things, and their ancestors. Shuukyo people do not attend church, but rather, they prey at public shrines when they feel they are in need of spiritual guidance or need to pay respects. The largest shrine is located in Amatsu; it is an ancient cherry tree atop a hill, where it is believed that the cherry tree itself was the first source of food for the gods, who then blessed Advent with its presence to share it with their children. Shuukyo followers are openly tolerant of other religions, but are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the honour of their beliefs if followers of other religions threaten their ways of life or cities.

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