General Information

  • Main church: Temple of Leaves in Luluka
  • Leaders: Lilh'wen Briaer & Tec'terra
  • Opposing Religion: None
  • Non-Tolerant to: None


Druidism is more of a philosophy than a religion, but it still has religious aspects. They worship four gods; Liam Ark of life, Silven Light of balance, the Barons of Death and Sagis of Chaos. They believe Sagis is deep within Nirvana, stewing in his rage and chaos. Druids regularly whisper prayers of hope to the ground in hopes of calming his anger someday, for they know that negative feelings are just as important as positive ones, and have hope that Sagis will someday control himself and be allowed to leave Nirvana.

  • It is also a type of magic.
  • (From the first part of the magic entry): Druidism has been an ancient practise that none besides the Dryads have used until this day; that is, until the Dryads revealed their existence to the other races of Advent. It is as much as a magic practise as it is a philosophy and religion, all in one. Druids honour the spirits of nature, believing that every living creature on Advent has an essence that can be called upon for assistance. However, they still honour the main gods of Advent themselves as well. They have four holidays on each of the four seasonal equinoxes and advocate tolerance of diversity, believing that every one and thing on Advent is equal save for the Gods themselves. Druidism has a strong relation with earth-magic and, being a derivative witchcraft, is tied to rituals and spellcraft. Druids use complex circle formations and different magical items from nature (sea salt, bark-rope, herbs, bees' wax candles, etc) to perform rituals of different meanings; none of which are intended for offensive purposes. There is, in essence, no druids save for the Arch Priest & Priestess who are capable of using offensive druidic spells; a druid is capable of casting remarkable defensive spells, however. This is why elemental earth-magic is also practised by many druids for in the event that offensive tactics are necessary.
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