Elemental Magic

Elemental Magics are governed by Silven Light. They are known to include the six elements of Advent (fire, water, earth, ice, air, lightning) as well as a myriad of balance magics. The elements are still very dangerous to the user; just because someone is an expert in electric magic does not mean they are able to channel electric current through their body and live, or that a fire magic user can walk on molten lava, etc.

  • Fire Magic
    • Fire magic is the ability to manipulate fire and heat.
  • Water Magic
    • Water magic is the ability to manipulate water and water-based liquids.
  • Earth Magic
    • Earth magic is the ability to manipulate soil, rocks, earth and stone.
  • Ice Magic
    • Ice magic is the ability to manipulate ice and coldness.
  • Air Magic
    • Air magic is the ability to manipulate wind and air. Levitation/flying is possible with moderate to expert practitioners.
  • Electric Magic
    • Electric magic is the ability to manipulate electricity and electrical currents.
  • Balance Magic
    • Balance magic is a tricky subject, using offensive and defensive spells for numerous purposes such as shields and disarming the enemy. Balance magic is an ability limited by the caster's amount of soul energy, how well they can concentrate, how accurate they are in manifesting the spell properly, and their imagination. Some spells tend to be completely harmless and for showy purposes, others are for more battle-oriented intentions.
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