Advent is a vast continent with various languages of its own, therefore one may have to note what language is spoken where in order to be aboe to communicate accoring to whatever place they are.

So, where do languages originate from and where to speak it to be fully understoof? Here is an extensive list of the languages in Advent at the moment with all such details included.

Common Language

  • Avantese (English)

Language of Origins

Kingdoms and Empires

  • Kingdom of Rune Midgarts
    • Avantese (English)
    • Gallieu (French)
  • Schwarzvald Republic
    • Zeiheim (German)
    • GIatto (Italian)
  • Archipelago of Yuan
    • Nanjian (Chinese)
    • Zatsu (Japanese)


  • Sograt Regime
    • Karmish (Persian)
    • Sokar (ancient Egyptian)
  • Arunafeltz Region
    • Khuzbli (Arabic)
  • Isle of Esteria
    • Malti (Maltese)
  • Polius Ravine
    • Slovya (Russian)

Independent Nations

  • Amaranthine Forest
    • Bellan Dejour: Selua (Gaulish)
    • Luluka Forest: Droch'na (Ulster Gaelic)
    • Umbala: Unut (African)
    • Merrivale: Elven
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