Life Magic

Life magics are governed by God of Life. It is known for healing wounds, poisons and pains, purifying unholy, evil and undead things, and communication with the dead.

  • Holy Magic
    • Holy magic is what clerics of all levels learn within their churches. All churches who believe in Liam Ark practise holy magic; it is excellent for healing the sick or wounded, purifying unholy land, people or objects, exorcisms, and eradication of the undead. Teleportation is also taught in holy magic. This type of magic is not the best for communicating with the dead, though.
  • Soul Linking
    • Soul linking is taught in the schools in Ayothaya. Soul linkers are able to communicate with deceased people and attempt to soothe the restless undead. They have the special ability to communicate directly with bodiless souls, but while doing so, the soul they are communicating with must enter their body; during this session, the soul speaks out loud, and the body is paralysed until the foreign soul leaves. Soul linkers can also use healing spells, but are not practiced in disposing of unholy objects/people or exorcisms.
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