Necro Magic, known as "Necromancy"

Necromancy magics are governed by the Barons. Necromancy magics always involve the souls, dead or undead.

  • Shamanism
    • coming soon
  • Reanimation
    • Reanimation is the ability to reanimate a corpse. The corpse will rarely obey novice summoners, sometimes obey moderate summoners, and always obey expert summoners. The practitioner's abilities determines how long they can keep the corpse animated and how many can be summoned at once. Reanimators are not taught to communicate with the deads' souls. Reanimators are also capable of a type of anti-heal; it will "heal" their undead allies, while causing painful flesh wounds and lacerations to any non-undead target.
  • Necromatic Soul Linking
    • This is somewhat like a mix of soul linking and necromancy. Necromatic soul linkers are able to communicate with the souls of the deceased. By channeling the souls of the dead, they are able to use their power to perform telekinesis. However, the extent of a necromatic soul linker's telekinesis corresponds to their physical abilities. One cannot move a 200 pound boulder with telekinesis unless they can also lift that 200 pound boulder with their own physical strength, for example. They are also capable of slight levitation as well as teleportation. Necromatic soul linkers are very empathetic and sensitive to those around them due to being in-tune with the cycle of souls. Physically touching other people can sometimes transfer the touched person's feelings to the necromatic soul linker's, for an example.
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