Occult Magic

Occult magic is governed by no deity. It is the "miscellaneous" group of magics in Advent. They are all in-tune with nature in some way.

  • Witchcraft
    • Witchcraft is the magic of illusions and fortune. Witches use resources with magical properties that come naturally from Advent (no synthetic or manufactured items) to try to push fate into a favourable position for them. Witches cannot cast spells without the aid of a previously enchanted item to help them; usually crystals are chosen due to their ability to store soul energy. Witches can cast illusions to certain extents (no illusion is ever a perfect disguise), and more practised witches are able to see some of the possible scenarios that the near-future may hold. Witches usually have a broom enchanted to fly, and they are capable of creating ritual circles for teleportation.
  • Druidism
    • Druidism has been an ancient practise that none besides the Dryads have used until this day; that is, until the Dryads revealed their existence to the other races of Advent. It is as much as a magic practise as it is a philosophy and religion, all in one. Druids honour the spirits of nature, believing that every living creature on Advent has an essence that can be called upon for assistance. However, they still honour the main gods of Advent themselves as well. They have four holidays on each of the four seasonal equinoxes and advocate tolerance of diversity, believing that every one and thing on Advent is equal save for the Gods themselves. Druidism has a strong relation with earth-magic and, being a derivative witchcraft, is tied to rituals and spellcraft. Druids use complex circle formations and different magical items from nature (sea salt, bark-rope, herbs, bees' wax candles, etc) to perform rituals of different meanings; none of which are intended for offensive purposes. There is, in essence, no druids save for the Arch Priest & Priestess who are capable of using offensive druidic spells; a druid is capable of casting remarkable defensive spells, however. This is why elemental earth-magic is also practised by many druids for in the event that offensive tactics are necessary.
    • Druids are able to draw energy from the spirits of nature around them and project this energy into barriers, teleportation portals, distractions (illusional magic), healing and, like witches, can make use of herbalism to help a situation in their favour; for example, the use of friendship-enhancing herbs in a spell-powder, sprinkled upon a person or animal that shows irrational fear. Their bond with nature also leaves whatever plants and animals that are around them to be asked for assistance if needed, though, druids cannot control them; they can communicate more freely with them and ask. More advanced Druids can initiate rituals with their coven to communicate with the deceased.
    • Druidism is not common knowledge. There are no books on the subject; it must be taught through another Druid. If you know Druidism, you strictly are a Druid in every sense, because it is as much as a lifestyle as much as a magic practise. Also, it is completely possible for your Druid character to be evil, but they will always be incapable of abusing nature for it is their source of power.
  • Taoism
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  • Onmyoudou
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