Advent is in an era that is commonly referred to as a "steam punk" world however electricity does exist in a crude form, so expect a lot of unsafety when it comes to technology. The world itself is not highly technologically advanced; think of it being more like the early 1900s in our world. However, some technological anomalies somehow exist, for development took different paths in Advent. To give an insight on how the world functions with technology, these are some of the common things seen daily:

NB: the links on each object enlisted here hold an image of how something would typically look in Advent. If no link is available, it's probably because it's like it is nowadays in our Real Life


Transportation on Advent has advanced thoroughly thanks to the Schwartzvald Republic and its technological advances. While Beast-Riding and Warping Agents are still widely used in other Regions and Empires, there are several other forms of transportation that one might notice in the streets nowadays.


Communication on Advent is not as hard as it used to be. Everything on Advent works with the Emperium Stone, a stone that has magical properties and is also the crudest form of communication known the planet. While electricity and steam machines play a major role in technology, communicative devices all have an Emperium core implanted in the design of the mechanism to act as the antenna and temporary battery of the object said communicative device.

Music-making, Sound Recording, Audio Output and Input Devices

Image-capturing devices


Medicines and surgery have a 50% less chance of achieving their desired effect than they would in our real world.

  • Herbal remedies
  • Holy magic
  • Sterilisation
  • Surgery
  • Anaesthetics & analgesics
  • Bandages, casts, tourniquets

Major Companies

These are notable companies around Advent. You can create characters who are workers in them, but any characters of a higher status will need an approval if starting a new company or acquire a high position in already existing companies through role-play. Please contact a staff member if you wish to involve a major plot idea with any companies.

  • Kiel Hyre Robotics
    • HQ Location: Yuno
    • CEO: Kiel Hyre, co-owned by son Kiehl
    • The sole manufacturer of robotics, known for their Miss Alice and Miss Aliza models, who were non-AI house cleaning robots. Currently two AI models that are both prototypes are in existence with no plans to proceed in their project. There are rumours of illegal weaponized Hyre robot models being seen, though the Hyre company has had a good reputation in its 50 years of existence, so it is difficult to believe.
  • Rekkenbar Tech.
    • HQ Location: Lighthalzen
    • CEO: ???
    • Coming soon

One last thing to be covered: robots, homunculi, and artificial life/intelligence.

  • The Kiel Hyre factory is the sole monopoliser of robotics in Advent at this time. Robots are extremely rare, and robots with artificial intelligence are even rarer. If any robots in existence were not created by the Kiel Hyre factory, then they are illegal models. Please talk with a staff member before creating a plot involving robotics, as this is a touchy subject that requires moderation.
  • Homunculi are also extremely rare in Advent. However, there are two types of homunculi currently known to exist: chimaeric homunculi and humanoid homunculi.
    • Chimaeric homunculi are the homunculi that OOCly you create as a biochemist/alchemist through a quest. ICly, they are created by taking a primordial chemical ooze mixed up by the alchemist and applying it to an animal or plant embryo. It is then incubated; after a month's time, the infant homunculi are born. Some have minimal speech and cognitive abilities, while other may only react as an animal would. They are still noticeably inferior to the other races.
    • Humanoid homunculi are homunculi that you create as a character. They take a humanoid-shape but may have more or less appendages or features. They always have at least one major developmental drawback, be it speaking, walking, seeing, hearing, etcetera. They are created after an alchemist applies a primordial chemical ooze they mixed to a human embryo, which then must be implanted into a human woman's womb. After a pregnancy of sixty days, the infant homunculi is born.
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