Triantism is a religion based off of the belief and worship of three (hence the "tri") deities: God of Life, God of Balance, and the God of Death. They believe that these three deities created Advent themselves and now watch over it and will aid the people if they pray for what they need, of course not being selfish in their demands. Triantists are very standard people who do not express their religious views through how they dress, and are somewhat accepting of others of different religious views. It is a very impersonal religion that gives the believers room to repent for their "sins" (such as cursing, adultery, theft, murder etc) through prayer and asking for forgiveness. Triantists are not guilty people as the religion is quite tolerable of many lifestyles.

A normal Triantistic Follower would ususally do practices of the following nature:

  • Praying
  • Spreading their belief in a indirect manner
  • Dedication in serving the one of the Gods
  • Dedication in serving all the Gods
  • Performing Magics through White, Black and Elemental Magic Wells

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