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Witchcraft on Advent is a "new" form of nature-oriented belief that originates from old religions of the Empires (mainly Paganism) and their practices are various, being reformed during Year 6000. They believe in the Three Gods that currently own Advent while they abhor Sagis for several reasons that occurred in the past. On a related note, even though witches do recognize the Gods as being the creators of the World they dwell upon, their faith lies in the World and the balance of the Universe and the Non-Existance, recognizing Energy being the essence that drives the primary cycle of these elements.

Being previously persecuted heavily by the people that followed Triantism due to the fact the Witchcraft's origination of magic is unknown to people outside the practices of Witchcraft. Also, Witchcraft has been linked with Sagitism frequently and hunted down due to such a fact.

Witchcraft, as said before, is a nature-oriented belief however it has little dogma. To each his own, a witch may be a solo practitioner while others may gather in a group called a Coven, sharing the similar or same beliefs as their fellow members in the group. Being heavily influenced by the old religion philosophies and practices, Witchcraft is a fast rising religion which has to still surpass borders and limitations of the already existing dogmas such as Triantism and Freyanism.

NB: both female and male practitioners of this belief are labelled as Witch.


As mentioned before in description Witchcraft has little dogma to it, however it doesn't mean that there is none. A Witch abides by a few simple rule in regarding how one should live.

Rule Meaning
What you do comes back to you equally What goes around comes around; if you do something, good or bad alike, will eventually come back to you just as equally.
Never bend others' free will. One should never use one's magic to manipulate others, but to use it to better your life and the others around you.
Fairly give and fairly take As one needs to balance out one's needs and others', one needs to give as much as one takes.
And it harms none, do what you will. As long as you harm no one and yourself, do whatever you wish.

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