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The Witches of Heidelberg are a group of witches that have been persecuted for a long time by the Church of Prontera except when Pope Frucroix rose to power. Still under the pressure of the older priests, the witches hide in their homes and tend to walk under the identity of a Triantist, still afraid of being persecuted by the Church Members.


As mentioned before in description Witchcraft has little dogma to it, however it doesn't mean that there is none. A Witch abides by a few simple rule in regarding how one should live.

Rule Meaning
What you do comes back to you equally What goes around comes around; if you do something, good or bad alike, will eventually come back to you just as equally.
Never bend others' free will. One should never use one's magic to manipulate others, but to use it to better your life and the others around you.
Fairly give and fairly take As one needs to balance out one's needs and others', one needs to give as much as one takes.
And it harms none, do what you will. As long as you harm no one and yourself, do whatever you wish.

What can a witch do; what is the magic practiced?

It is common knowledge that the type of magic practices is the Occult Magic and witches work with Natural Minor Wells (as there is no known Major Well for Occult Magic). Below is a list of techniques and tools a typical witch would practice mostly.


A witch typically hates modern medicine and Schwartzvald Republic's advances in science, therefore being much nature-oriented, most of the witchcraft practitioners still practice gardening and growing their own plantations. This is probably the most discreet form of practice that would go unnoticed from strangers to the craft. Knowing the properties of the plants well, a witch would know with herb is harmful and which is not.


Divination is a form of Magic that a Witch can practice in order to receive knowledge from the world and from the spirits. Even though Divination is the most practiced form of Magic of Witchcraft in order to obtain knowledge not everything is obtainable; it is widely know that the type of questions asked with these different techniques will never answer to questions such as "when will the world end?" or "when will I die?" because such occurrences on Advent happen by free will of oneself.

  • Pendulum
    • A tool that has been in existence for ages, it is assumed that the tool originates from the Rune Empire. A pendulum can be made out of any material that is attached onto a string, resonating with its surrounding. This tool is used for various reasons, from energy healing to contacting spirits form the other side. Mostly used to ask questions and get answers however known to be the most unreliable source for such, as there can be many be other interferences from other natural energies.
  • Tea Leaves
    • Practiced heavily by wandering gypsies, this form of Divination has been adopted to Witchcraft practices shortly after it was formed. Tea leaves can reveal on occasions what is to happen in the near future, yet the answers are not to be taken as a confirmation as an event may vary from its revelation.
  • Tarot Cards Reading
    • An indirect tool of Witchcraft dating back from ancient times and thought to be created first by citizens of Ismailia and later on adopted heavily by wandering gypsies, the Tarot Cards have been evoking Occult Magic for the last 5000 years. They are not able to reveal the future as much as the fictitious fact is a common belief; readings of the tarots reveal possible pathways of a situation, for example, if a witch is making a reading about how to solve a problem, the tarot cards will reveal possible outcomes depending on the present/current person's mood and mindset, not how will the person be in the future. However whoever is a stranger to Witchcraft, much have thought that the Tarot Cards twist the fate of the person being read, therefore such a tool is feared by many.
      • This tool comes in a pack of cards, containing 78 cards (22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana) and the standard deck of Advent is the Rider Deck.
  • Runes Reading
    • This tool have been in existence even before the Tarot Cards themselves, dating back from the Evolution Era however widely used in the Rune Empire by the sorcerers of the Runian King, believed to be a tool to speak to the Gods of their belief. The Runes are a cruder tool of Witchcraft used exactly like the Tarot Cards, however less discriminated as they are rarely used. They are also banned by the Church of Prontera from Rune-Midgarts nowadays as their point of origin of magic is unknown, therefore much feared that it derives from Sagis. To the opposite of such a rotten belief, Runes are a tool of Witchcraft with power deriving from the Natural Minor Wells.
      • This tool comes in a little sack full of rune-engraved pebbles or stone marbles, containing a set of 24 Runes. The standard alphabet for Runes on Advent the set is the Elder Futhark.


Spells of Witchcraft vary from one another and one practitioner may use a different chant or catalyst in order to perform one's magic, however there is a general gathering of the spells performed, which are the following.

  • Blessings
    • This type of magic is a categorization of spells of small enchantments to make the life of the community they live in better. It works similar to the Blessing technique from Holy Magic, yet the power is derived from the Natural Wells and vary depending on which element the witch focuses most.
  • Elemental Magic
    • Witches are able to make elemental spells that derives from the Natural Well as elements are part of the World after all. However a witch may never perform anything which is as destructive as a Meteor Storm or a Storm Gust. A witch, through a small incantation and a material deriving from the respective element, can perform a Fire Bolt, Water Ball, Jupiter Thunder, ect.; for example if a witch is in possession of a lava stone, that person can perform a fireball depending on how much the person has been practicing this form of magic with the stone acting as a medium.
  • Relic Magic
    • Coming soon


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