The Cirque Du Maudit

The Cirque du Maudit is a travelling circus lead by Madam Cossette.

It is rumoured that the Cirque du Maudit started in Niflheim a hundred years ago, and that Madam Cossette, the ringleader, is a vampire; though no one has seen fangs in her mouth, nor can they see if her eyes are red.

List of performers in the Cirque du Maudit (that have players):
Madam Cossette - Ringleader
Tearosie - Poppet, acrobat, magician, Madam's assistant
Ripper Gore - A jugglar of the Freak Show
Siegfried Forte - An entertainer with the circus
Zip-Fireworks man
Chagrin-Musician and Storyteller

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