Desert Knights (Guild)

The Group

Full Guild Name Sograt Desert Knights
Founded Ancient Times
Leader Thought to be Ankasamun, ancient Queen of Ismailia
Base Non-fixed location; the Sograt desert
Practices Assumed Swordmastery (one-handed and two handed), Poison speciality, Air Magic (elemental)

General Description

The Desert Knights are a group of people that are rumored to be dwelling in the deserts of the Sograt Regime. Nothing is much know about these people, but from archives and records documented in various libraries, this freelance Chivalry dates down from the existence of the Capital of the of Sograt Empire: Ismailia.

Historical Records

It is said that the current self-proclaimed warriors are the descendants of the Knights of Ismailia with their founder being the Queen herself. Traveling in several spots of the deserts, the Knights have no location to be considered as home-base and have sworn a lifetime of protection to the deserts they were raised and grown to love. Their aim wasn't always recorded to be that way however, as they initially started out as guards in order to keep out anyone from the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

As years passed by they have developed a code and by time and wisdom, they grew to become the rumored Guardian of the Deserts. The code recorded according to several researches combined together may be false or only half-true, however one of their statements seems to help whoever they think has the right mind and the right reason, therefore assmued to have a noble purpose for their unition. It is also said that their code has been developed off the Codes and ways similar to those of the Assassins, thus having very similar combat techniques and the affinity for the poison element.

Evidence of existence

Due to lack of evidence, it is not even known if such a group even exists still or if they do, there is no evidence that their leader is indeed the ancient Queen that used to live so long ago. Researches have been tried to be carried out on this, however the scholars that were sent on such a duty were either returned scared to the core or never returned…

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