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"Long ago in the sands of the Sograt Regime, a Capital five sized bigger and long before the construction of Morroc, the city of the sands stood where all the known desert races dwelled. These were the Nagas, the Bastet and a small percentage of humans. The Capital was prosperous, highly cultured and very much alive night and day, having visitors from every continent of the time. Whoever went to the Capital of sands have usually remained entrapped with its beauty, lodging there for both short or long period of time."

The Empire of Sograt

"It is said that the continent of sands had various villages randomly settled, under the Empire of the Sun Pharaoh. The King or Pharaoh as he was referred to those days, was male ruler who was accompanied by his Queen Ankasamun, with their Priesthood (mainly dominated by Bastet) being a secondary power next to the Monarchy. This important Monarchy lived in the biggest city of the empire which was called Ismailia.

There were other important places in the Sograt, namely the main village of the Bastet which is now known as Goldenvale Sands and the city of the Nagas, which nowadays is buried deep underground in secrecy but still much alive. Other small villages were either an extension of these main cities or merely trading posts, where most of the negotiations were performed."


"The beautiful capital was split into 5 parts; the first part was the entrance and also referred as the Southern Wing, where people were most mesmerized. It had a huge garden where most of greenery was boasted, with beautiful buildings surrounding it. Further up in the center was the palace of the Pharaoh where the Royal Family lived. In the Left Wing of the Capital stood the mighty Sphinx, where all the treasures and gold of the empire were mostly held and around it were situated the houses of the soldiers. In the Northern Wing was situated an arena and the Barracks of the soldiers, where most of the Army negotiations were kept and where the soldiers trained everyday. The arena also served as to perform events and major fights for entertainment of the people and the Royal Family alike. Lastly, the Western wing was where all the Magical business was kept; a school of magic was erected accompanied with the famous Great Library which is now unfortunately lost due to the event known as the Fall of Ismailia."

Trouble in Paradise

"It is said that the fall of Ismailia was brought about by the infamous power of the Force, yet it was the Royal Family itself that set about its fall..and on purpose. The High Priest of the Tri-Temple, whose name was Osiris, traveled far from the lands of the Sograt in order to make negotiations with another empire far from the lands. However when the High Priest returned he started to spread unusual influence upon the people of Ismailia, turning the peaceful people into chaotic beings full of doubt and fears. Slowly the people started to create a racket until it eventually grew into a full-scale revolt against the Royal Family, starting to turn into an anarchic society.

When the Pharaoh saw this, he called upon the Priests of the individual three Major Temples in the Sograt in order to research and see the cause of this unusual eruption. Upon discovering the cause of the riot, the Scholars of Magic discovered that the magic used to alter people's mind was no mere magic but something far more superior, something that had the equivalent power of the Gods. By this enlightenment the Pharaoh was lost and confused, therefore he took a trip to the Pyramids in order to contact his deceased father.

He spent a day and a night conversing with the dead and a greater shock was in store for the Pharaoh; he got to learn about the Force and its origins according to the Spirits of the Dead and how a countering force has to be yet created. He was left with only one hint; they had to find something that had the same power as the Gods themselves.

The Pharaoh went back to the city and contacted the Scholars of Magic and the Priests of the Temples. Together they worked onto finding the power that will send the Force back in its place, however it took a good month of resisting the High Priest out of the city and trying to keep all the citizens in line. At last a cure was discovered, yet it had consequences yet to be feared; they had to find a person that represents and inherits the power of an element which were identifies as Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth and Air and a search for the elements took place.

  • A Scholars encountered Ifrit and after a test he was bestowed as the Avatar of Fire.
  • A Priest encountered Poseidon and was bestowed as the Avatar of Water after explaining their situation
  • Ankasamun encountered Zmey and was bestowed as the Avatar of Air as she showed how quick-minded and swift she was in battle and thinking alike.
  • A Historian was bestowed as Avatar of Earth as he encountered Tao Gunka and saw that the man truly cared from the earth he walked on.
  • A Priestess encountered Bacsojin and was bestowed as the Avatar of Lightning as she recognized that the woman has quite a striking personality; fast, feisty and made impact on the people around her, similar to the trait of the element that chosen her.
  • Another Scholar was bestowed as Avatar of Ice as he proven to Ktullanux that his personality is as cold as ice.

The group returned back to the Pharaoh and reported their success in gathering all the elements necessary, however a priest mentioned the fact that the elements couldn't get evoked without the help of a Godly object. The Pharaoh however wasn't worried about such a remark as he already possessed something that was passed down from the Gods themselves; it was the Solar Sword, a sword that has been passed down through the generations of the Royal Family.

With everything settled, the Royal Family prepared to face the High Priest Osiris…"

The Fall of Ismailia

"When the Sun set, the High Priest returned with his brainwashed men in order to take down the Capital and the Royal Family, in hopes to start a new Anarchic city in the Sograt so his influence could spread further and faster than the the Pharaoh's could ever reach. Osiris searched everywhere in the Capital and discovered that the Royal Family "cowered" into the Pyramids, therefore he made it a point to go immediately there. However the High Priest was taken completely by surprise when he got surrounded by the Avatars and moreover, when the Pharaoh himself came forward to duel Osiris in person with the Solar Sword and accompanied with three Royal Guards, with one of them being Amon Ra. Accepting the challenge in excessive pride, the two fought a bloody and long battle.

As the battle proceeded the Avatars started to evoke their respective element, making a barrier in order to lock the two inside. The Pharaoh tried to activate the barrier's power by using the power of his sword, yet something strange occurred; Osiris cast out a huge curse that burst the barrier and tried to cursed the Pharaoh, however Amon Ra performed his magic to mirror back the force’s power onto Osiris.

However such a magic backfired; it didn’t only curse Osiris alone but the whole populace by being locked up in the huge royal tombs for all times."

Aftermaths; Myths and Legends to follow…

No one knows what happened with most of the Avatars, however many travelers have witnessed a lot of bizzarre encounters and claimed many treasures that are the originals, yet…:

  • It is not the first time that travellers claimed to have had an encounter with the Pharaoh himself who is now apparently an undead King who protects his citizens in the Pyramids. A lot of replicas of the Solar Sword have been presented to appraisers with travelers claiming it to be the actual thing, yet in reality nobody really knows where is the true divine weapon is.
  • Others have witnessed the presence and encounters with his wife the Queen in the Pyramids and beyond; some say that she personally showed herself to them whilst the others swore that they heard her voice in the winds of the desert.
  • It is also rumored that upon the death of the Fire Avatar, which was said to be when the curse took full control, the heat of the desert doubled and remained so till nowadays.
  • It is also rumored that a few of the soldiers of Ismailia survived the curse and formed a group called the Desert Knights, whose leader is claimed to be none other that the Queen herself and are under an oath of protecting the Desert from outsiders and ill-doers, punishing the suspect in question often by instant death. These Desert Knights are said to have the same abilities that of an Assassin, however it is the Code they abide to is what makes them different than the rest of the perils within the Sograt Desert."
  • It is said that the citizens have revealed the power of Avatars not too long ago in the hectic times of the Sograt Governess, where the heroes traveled down the corridors of the Pyramids and talked to the Pharaoh and Amon Ra. They handed over the tablets to get them translated, therefore they would be able to translate the heiroglyphs on the walls of the Pyramids. In writing their Avatars research in their language, no one could ever know what it meant and thus successfully hidden the knowledge from strangers. Once translated, the heroes gained the knowledge and used the weapon against Hekate.
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