Legend of Dracula - The First Vampire Known

The Beginning

"Once upon a time in the lands of Rune-Midgard, when the lands used to be greener and the city of Geffen was still a small village, a prestigious rich man named Duke Dracul lived in his centuries old mansion. Enriched by heavy taxes and ancestral heritage, Dracul was an arrogant and proud human man, however generous to the people that he considers worthy of his time. It was rumored however that he took advantage of his own employees such as his maids and servants, tortured and killed whoever couldn't afford to pay the price of taxes and had a private network of negotiation in order to get his riches.

On a cold winter night a foreinger of the lands knocked on Dracul's mansion door to seek shelter, however Dracul rejected the poorly dressed stranger. The foreinger insisted on his stay by telling Dracul that he can guarantee him powers that he never imagined before if the Duke lets him stay for at least three days.

The Duke started to think it through and after a short moment he accepted the stranger into his luxurious home. On the first day Dracul talked with the foreinger and found out that the mis-matching clothed man was a Shaman from Umbala and the Duke was shocked, frightened and intrigued by this discovery. No one has ever heard of a travallening shaman, especially an Umbalan man whose common language was fair. Dracul asked the Shaman what he wanted in order to gain the promised power, yet the Shaman pointed out that patience was a virtue, and Dracul had to wait until it was time for the foreigner's departure.

The Duke accepted such, and the first day went by.

On the second day, Dracul was starting to grow impatient of his guest and asked the Shaman again what of the power he had to yet deliver. The foreinger stalled once more by telling him that the power chant has to yet be built perfectly to avoid any faults, and this needed one more day. The Duke half-heartily accepted it and another question arose from his throat; what was the power?

Yet the Shaman refused to tell, dismissed Dracul along with his curiosities and the second day went by.

On the third day the Duke was now very anxious of what the Shaman will perform and when the was high time for the guest to leave, he was asked if they could go to the dungeons in order to perform his last gift. The Duke accepted reluctantly and personally guided the Shaman down to the deepest levels of the Dungeon.

The Shaman walked slowly and cautiously, keeping a straight face at the miseries and negative energy that bombarded the walls of Dracul's Dungeon. With his skeletal staff in his hand, the Shaman uttered incomprehensible words that the Duke could neither recognize nor hear well, as he was too busy dwelling in his own greedy mind.

They arrived in the last room of the Dungeon and the Shaman asked Dracul to stand in the middle of the room. Little did the Duke know what was to become of him…

The Shaman chanted boldly, binding Dracul in magical chains. Frightened down to the core, Dracul started to scream for his life yet it was all in vain, as the Dungeon was too deep and too familiar to the screams of his own victims. The Shaman guided the damned souls of the dungeon to muffle out any intrusion from the outside world and confessed to Dracul what was his real purpose of his stay.

"I was sent by the people of the small village you own in order to get rid of your rule, as your iron fist is not wanted on this land. I observed your habitat, your deepest corners of the mansion and even this dungeon. The spirits told me much about your facades, your true self and you do not deserve to live as a ;iving being. You should know what a dead feels like when he is no longer able to feel, able to breathe, able to talk to his loved onces. I am going to place this curse onto you; if you are able to control yourself within the next 24 hours you will manage to break the curse, however if you do not manage to do so you will remain a walking undead forever, living in eternal hunger for blood and your soul damned in your body until you deprive yourself from blood to death.

After such the Shaman cursed the Duke and the grotesque transformation happened and while such happened, the Shaman made his leave. Dracul, frightened by the bloodlust that was taking over tried his best to control himself, however when he saw the strenght and the youth he was blessed with, Dracul's insanity possessed him and sprinted out of his Dungeon. He made a feast off his servants,maids, butler and animals; when he tried to get out of his mansion he saw his true, decaying self and how the sun hurts his skin horribly. Repulsed by this, Dracul tried to gain control of himself…

But his time was up, and Dracul was damned to his carcass forever…"

The Downfall

"It is said that Duke Dracul, or Dracula as is now referred to, is now living in the depths of the tower in what used to be his dungeons. He is locked away in this hellhole due to the Wizards that came much later in the history of Geffen.

Dracula terrorized the village of Geffen every night until the villagers couldn't take it anymore. They have asked for help from the King of Payon and they got few of his best Wizards in order to aid their cause. They have managed to trap Dracula by destroying the whole mansion onto the leading trapdoor of the Dungeons, however it was not enough. The Wizards spelled the stones in order to grow heavier, since Dracula was more of a match than they expected. After a few weeks the Wizards started to build their tower as they had planned ages ago, with a difference that they had removed the stones much later, removed the trapdoor and casted a barrier so that Dracula will not manage to escape.

However Dracula was not alone; along with him was locked his Captain of guards whose name got forgotten in history and was re-named as Doppelganger. His horses, his servants and anything that lived in his mansion was turned into deformed undead beings, as they never found anymore blood to feed off from.

Nowadays few dared to venture down the Dracula's Dungeons and most of them never came back. The ones that survived were either hospitalized, brain-damaged or muted for life."

Where is this legend mostly found?

This legend is often found circulating in Geffen and stored in the Magical Libraries of Geffen and Yuno.

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