Magic Wells


Simply put; magic wells are where a magician, a witch or any kind of magic user connects with their corresponding magic connection in order to materialize and obtain the magic desired. Not everyone can use every kind of well as there are specific connections and usage to each Magic Well.
There are two kinds of wells; the Major and the Minor: the Major Wells are where the magical energies mostly dwell while the Minor Wells are connected to the major, therefore making magic practicable anywhere across the planet.

One character can only use TWO wells types in one lifetime and can only master ONE well connection.

How do wells work?
It is very simple; the nearer you are to a well the better your magic will be. It won't make your magic more powerful, for example if a Wizard is performing magic away from a well he will have a harder time to perform his work than a Wizard that is working near or on the well itself. This is due to the reason that one will feel more connected to the planet's magics when having a medium (natural energy) rather than none at all.

In short it will only increase the chances of casting the spell well. However if your character is a beginner, this does not mean you can use magic user like an expert.

  • If you are a Novice, it will increase your chance by 10%~15% (normally Novices have 25%~50% success rate)
  • If you are a Moderate, it will increase by 20% (normally Moderate have 80% success rate)
  • If you are an Expert user, it will secure your chances of casting magic. (normally Experts have 95%~99% success rate)
N.B.: Even if your character is an expert in a magic and is standing/near a Magic Well, this does not mean that he is invincible. If the magic user in question, for example, gets hit in violently the head with a coconut while performing magic doesn't mean he goes on chanting or is somehow repelled (if he doesn't have a safety wall at least). This means that by NO means will a well secure complete concentration or secure the position of godly powers. Please role-play accordingly.

How do wells develop or get created?
Wells are made by nature; while Major Wells can be seen visibly, Minor Wells are invisible due to the fact that they are an accumulation of energy.
Major Wells are never created by time but are always present in the world, therefore one can only discover about a Major Well. On the other hand, Minor Wells develop in certain areas for various reasons:

  • either because a lot of magical practice has been done in the same area (and not just a couple-of-days performance, but a lot of years, for Holy and Necromantic Magic) or
  • because an element of certain energy is present (Such as lava in a volcano, for Elemental Magic) or
  • because it was always present, such as Natural Wells (for Occult Magic)
  • ….but there is no such thing as making a man-made Minor Well, nor a man-made Major Well for the matter.

Major Wells:

Major Wells are the concentration of energies that everyone repeatedly use from Minor Wells mostly, however there are some that use the Major Wells directly. Major Wells are found in plenty around the world, but there are few on the continent of Advent. The following wells are well-known by every magic user in this continent:

  • Prontera: White Crystal - this is where the Holy Magic is derived from, linked to the god Liam Ark. The huge crystal is said to be well hidden within the Church underground, a secret only the Pope knows.
  • Nifleheim: Black Crystal - this is where the Necromantic Magic derives from, linked to god the Barons. This Crystal's location is secret, only the Major knows.
  • Geffen and Yuno: Elemental Wells/Gems - this is where the Elemental Magic derives from, linked to the god Silven Light. While in the wizards of Geffen built a Tower to preserve the Gem, Scholars of Yuno utilized the Gem to elevate the city in order to keep it away from harm and misuse of foreigners.

Minor Wells

Minor wells, are said before, are linked to the major wells in order to spread about the energies of the Major Wells. However not all Minor Wells are put anywhere randomly; there are some that have specific places where they are placed and here are a few examples:

  • White Crystal's Minor Wells: churches, chapels, abbeys; holy places that have been around for a long while (approx. 50 years) develop a minor well
  • Black Crystal's Minor Wells: graveyards, mausoleums; places that have been accumulating undead and spirits (approx. 50 years) develop a minor well

There are others that are placed randomly such as

  • Elemental Gem's Minor Wells: This is due to the fact that elemental magic is connected to nature, however separate from the Natural Wells. For example a Wizard cannot possibly connect to the sea if he wants to perform a Meteor Storm, so he will have to find the correct element to perform his magic with (in this case being Fire or Lava for example).
  • Natural Wells: This is due to the fact that every living thing on the planet has a soul and the stream of energy that the planet cycles makes everything in nature a natural well for Occult Magic. However there is only a mild problem when it comes to Nature Wells; due to the fact they are basically everywhere (except for industrialized places) and doesn't own a Major Well, the magic is harder to perform, the actual object is needed and an artificial medium is needed to be prepared, such as a written spell or any other traditional or personal means.

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