Soul Linking

Soul Linking is the act of connecting two souls into one body, and has since taken many forms in the years.

History of Soul Linking

Soul Linking has had a long history throughout the ages, and has taken up a few names such as Spiritual Connection, Ghost Whispering, or Soul Speaking. Early forms of Soul Linkers have been called Mediums. These people were used as a buffer zone to the soul of the dead and the soul of the living. This would be achieved by the Medium conversing with the spirit itself and repeating what was said to the Medium. Eventually techniques were found that the Medium could let the spirit possess their communication organs, such as the mouth and ears. Now a days these Mediums have achieved the name Soul Linkers.

The Art and Process of Soul Linking

Soul Linking works in the same way that the Mediums worked. The Soul Linkers would call out to the soul of the dead and they would house themselves in the body of the Soul Linker, or Primary Host. The host body would then send the spirit through physical contact, or if they are proficient enough they can simply just send the soul to the Secondary Host. The spirit itself cannot possess the Primary or Secondary Host, unless the host so chooses. During the time that the soul is linked to the host, the host is given all the knowledge that the spirit is willing to share. Such as if a young mage was linked with a skilled magician, that mage could know everything about a spell and could cast it with no trouble. However when the spirit leaves the host, the host still remembers everything about that spell, but will not be able to perform said action again. The Average time that a spirit is allowed to stay in a host Primary or Secondary is anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Soul Linkers, if so choose can have a companion. This meaning that a soul is not bound by the host through body, but rather soul. The spirit can roam freely, but can only stay within a 1-5 mile radius with the host, depending on how spiritually in tune the Soul Linker is.

Physical Attacks

Soul Linkers have developed a series of psychic attacks that directly attack the body and soul of the target.

Warm Wind: Acquired through intense physical training as a Tae Kwon, the user is able to channel the elements in their attacks, weather it be physical or spiritual. This is to heighten the effect of a more lethal attack. The Elements themselves are divided into Tiers from Strongest to Weakest.

Top Tier: Holy Shadow

Middle Tier: Fire, Undead

Lower Teir: Water, Air, Earth

To be able to channel the elements, there must be an abundance of that source nearby.

Soul Linkers have divided their skills into two different trees. Ka- and Es-. A Soul Linker can only be a master of one of these types of skills

Ka- Skills

Ka- techniques are self body techniques that aid the body. So these techniques usually center around the body.

Kaizel: Often if a Soul Linker is doing life threatening missions, they may call upon a spirit to take over. If the Soul Linkers body is harmed to the point of death, the spirit will use it's life force to protect the body of the host and the host will arise back to life. This technique has not been perfected, and any sort of attempt could cause severe damage to the mind, soul, and body of the host and the summoned spirit itself.

Kaahi: A more lesser form of Kaizel, instead of the spirit itself sacrificing itself to heal the body of the host, the spirit itself protects the host from all physical harm, however not magical. This technique is slightly hard to master, but if failed the consequences are not as harsh as the Kaizel technique.

Kaupe: Kaupe brings the body into an ethereal plane, where all solid form of matter passes through them, or the body itself becomes a ghost. This technique is also not perfected and could cause death to the caster.

Kaite: This technique is a self reflect spell, where the host will call upon a wizard spirit. The wizard spirit acts as a sponge so to speak, and will absorb the magical attributes and release the energy back at the caster.

Kaina: The host uses the power of one or several spirits that heighten the physical and mental awareness of the host

Es- Skills

Es- skills are more focused around the psychic ability a soul linker has. These attacks are lethal, and attack the body fairly hard, or in the hands of a master, they can attack the very soul of someone.

Estin: Commonly called “Psychic Punch” is an attack where the target feels like they are being punched. A very basic move, any Es- Soul Linker can master this very early.

Estun: An intermediate attack where the Soul Linker shapes psychic energy into the form of a blade, rather than blunt force and launches it at the target. The target itself becomes paralyzed for an instance from the shock of the blow. This attack takes a little while longer to learn.

Esma: Usually called “Twin Estun” is a special technique that cannot be cast on its own. It must be in sequential order after an Estin or Estun spell. A Soul Linker cannot cast this without first being able to do Estun. However once learned it is not too hard to cast.

Eswoo: An illusion spell in which the target thinks that they are shrinking in size, to allow the Soul Linker to defeat at leizure.

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