Shield and Sword: The Legend

This is a legend found in the Libraries in Yuno, Geffen and Prontera.

"It is said that there once a statue that of a Valkyrie and a dark creature engaging in battle, one holding a sword and the other holding a shield. No one really knows the artist made this masterpiece nor did anyone know when it was made, yet it was remembered to be present since the dawn of the world.

It remained dormant until trouble stirred in the world; in the town called Shyden, a soul of each gender emerged a proven themselves worthy to fight the prime evil of Advent…and the statue came to life, one passing on its sword to the man and the other passing on its shield to the woman. The two souls fought with the evil known as the Banned God and won in exchange for their own lives, however they have emerged from Death due to the power of their weapons. Forever to be know as the bearers and protectors against the prime evil that ever existed on Advent, they were the only ones that tolerated the curse of the malevolent God.

And the curse thawed off the earth, the night in the skies were undone, as the world returned to its cycle of Nature once more."

Further studies on the legend proved that the legend is indeed true; people wielding the weapons usually reincarnate in the same bloodline rather than a random one when the user dies of natural cause or accident. Revival is necessary whenever there is what is called the Eclipse effect. It is not too sure, but the same souls always wield their respective weapon. The original statue was never found and never recorded anywhere in history of art books, but the weapons are very much real. Effects of weapons are still unknown due to never been brought forward for further inspection.
Weapon Last known users
Sword known as "Excalibur" Davven Delmar
Shield known as "Caliburn" Adrianne Deneph
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