Three Wheelers

Produced in Einbroch, three-wheelers (also known as "trikes") are popular for urban travel due to the hard ground causing pain for horses feet; however, this does not affect the tires of the trike. Being mechanical is another reason people benefit using them over horses in place like Einbroch. Without any possibility of becoming poisoned or nauseous, the trikes can keep a steady speed. The trikes are not as safe as they seem when compared to a child's tricycle. Since the wheel is in the front (the "delta" position), turning becomes difficult at a sharp angle and gives the vehicle a higher chance of spinning out. There are multiple models of trikes all designed for different reasons.

Hyperion model


Popular for those who enjoy speed rather than fuel efficiency or stability. These trikes are used for racing or for recreational use.
Hyperion models use a large engine that takes up most of the space on a trike. These bikes take diesel fuel and are very expensive to care for and sustain. Due to this, only the wealthy or trike racers can afford to use a Hyperion often. The third largest of all engines due to their size, they are the least irritating of all trikes. Unfortunately they are rarely found.

Wild Rover model


Trikes more suited to riding around in forests or other off-road areas. These trikes include a larger body taken up by a hefty engine, and have increased shocks and extended tires.These engines are, however, larger then a Hyperion's engine. Wild Rovers take petroleum as their fuel. These bikes are almost as loud as Triantulas, but not loud enough to be too irritating.


The most common and most inexpensive trike available. They are used for normal travelling in cities and in the least obstructed areas — such as travelling in forests, and in very rare cases, as racing vehicles. Being very versatile, they have a generic customizable design. These trikes have the largest sized engine compared to other models and run on steam, using coal as fuel. This allows the common man a nice ride around time. Unfortunately, they are the loudest engines and are looked down upon in quiet settings.

Triantula model

Trike racing

Popular in areas of Einbroch and the Lighthalzen slums where bikes are common. Races are often bet on in slums; organized, official races are also held in Einbroch. These races are looked down upon on by the rich, but loved by the poor. With simple rules and money to be made, the poor to middle class love the races; after all who doesn't love gambling with action?

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