The Vagrant Vigilantes

The Vagrant Vigilantes is a group of mercenaries and jack-of-all-trades hired by Dante to enforce the law. The Vigilantes are currently certified to arrest and detain criminals and suspicious persons in The Schwartzvald Republic, Rune-Midgarts, and the independent cities of Shyden, Heidelberg, Lutie, and Bellan Dejour.

All of the mercenaries are interviewed and given an overview of their work and pay before contracted; contracts may be terminated by Dante or the contracted person at any time. People with criminal pasts may have a more difficult time getting a job as a Vigilante.

The HQ building is located in Lighthalzen right of the hotel. It is guarded by a Vigilante operative, who only lets those with a Vigilante badge pass. Inside, there is all sorts of information concerning current going-ons, suspicious persons, bounties, and contact information of various people.

How to become a vigilante?

There are usually advertisements on the billboards in the socially-active areas of cities with a short job and pay description, as well as an address and phone number, for people seeking to join the Vigilantes.

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