The Legend of the Valkyries

OOC note: Valkyries are strictly NPCs (non-player characters)
In the religion of Trianthianism, there is a legend of divine, angelic warriors called valkyries. It is said that in the beginning of life on Advent, the twelve original races created by the gods were each graced with a valkyrie of each gender; totalling at twenty-four valkyries.

These holy guardians were said to be born from virgin mothers, with the gods themselves as their other parent. Each valkyrie was born into the world of Advent all at the same time, only a century after the creation of life. Every valkyrie was born with a mortal twin sibling; however, the valkyries who shared the same race were considered celestial siblings by their ethereal parents, the gods. The power of the valkyrie would not be known until the gods called upon them for a time of divine war.

Though their names have been lost in time to mortal beings, and their whereabouts are unknown. Most, if not all, are rumoured to be dead. Many believe that it is just a myth and that they never existed.

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