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"Magic" is the result of a trained person focusing their soul energy. All beings have a certain degree of soul energy, therefore it really depends on how much that individual develops this personal pool of magical energy.

So everyone has soul energy, but not everyone is adept in using it. No one is born adept (unless it is a prodigy and no player an ever own one), one must learn how to use soul energy, whether it be through school, a private tutor, or books. As with anything, practice makes perfect when it comes to magic as well. It is also not as simple as one would think; no one can be constantly casting barriers for several minutes, or healing every ailment in a person's body, etcetera.

Take into account that in order to cast any spell, these things must be taken into consideration:

Will & Power
You must be able to concentrate extremely well; being struck or having someone yell in your ear is obviously going to break your concentration. Casting a spell is never quick and simple, either; at least thirty seconds for the smallest spells is needed, and more time for larger ones. Also, if you are a novice to the type of magic you practice, consider that you will not be very good at it. Remember: you're manifesting physical effects in real life with your mind. Try to do that right now. It's pretty hard, actually impossible, isn't it? Consider it to be just as difficult in Advent, except with continued practise you get a tiny bit better. And let's be realistic, most people are not going to practice this for their every waking moment.
Soul Energy
You can run out of soul energy, and when you run out completely, you will die. It is, of course, replenishable if you don't use it all. Due to soul energy being limited, one cannot cast more than one spell at once, or fire off one spell after another without a break. It is also not possible to join soul energies with another person, though you can both hit the same target at the same time with your spells. Mental exhaustion can leave one in a poor physical and mental state, even permanent, if caution is not used while casting.

Types of Magic

Governing Diety Type of Magic
God of Life Life Magics
God of Balance Elemental Magics
God of Death Necromancy Magics
Planet Occult Magic

Magic and You

There are different types of magic in Advent, and in order to keep the god-modding and powergaming down, your character can never be an expert in more than one. The total amount of different magic types one can know is two.

There are three levels of knowledge to magic: expert, moderate and novice. What exactly is the difference between a novice, moderate and expert? It's all in the success rate of their spells. If a spell fails to cast, you can bet that it will most likely backfire on the caster.

  • Novice: 25%~50% success rate, all ages
  • Moderate: 80% success rate, all ages
  • Expert: 90% success rate, must be an adult of at least 30 years old.

This small list exists so that one may know how much successful a cast can be and cannot be according to what your character is. However here are rules regarding limits:

  • A magic user cannot be an expert in more than one magic
  • A magic user can learn up to two forms of magic but can only be an expert user in one of them and a moderate user for the other
  • A Warrior character that has magic as their secondary power can only reach moderate usage in one magic only
  • A Magician with physical strength as their secondary power can reach to expert in one magic but their physical attacks would be weaker compared to warriors.


If you are found to not be abiding by these rules, you will be asked to retcon your mistake. The first time it occurs you will be warned, punishment on the first offence can happen if you step way out of boundary. Otherwise, varying consequences will be reserved for 2+ offences. If you are caught not complying with these guidelines on magic, you may be asked to retcon your mistake, or punished depending on the severity. However, if you think you have a good idea for a new type of magic, please contact a staff member.
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