Melee and Magics Combat
Under Heavy Revision

In the world of Advent there are various professions and masteries in different types and lifestyles of both magic and hand-to-hand combat. However have you wondered where is what and what are the limits in certain factors? Well, this is the page that will cover that for you, therefore we ask you to read well whatever is necessary before you make any further steps.


Advent is a very large world and different people have different lifestyles and different styles of fighting, as already said in the last paragraph. Not everyone casts magic the same way others do and not everyone fires a gun the same way his comrade does. Diversity is a huge factor in this world, just like it is in real life, therefore we are expecting unique characters with a sense of both realism and fantasy to them. Remember, we are a roleplay server after all, so why stick to the norms?

Unfortunately we do have to put a limit to that epicness because epic can turn into god-mode and we really wish to avoid that. As much as we all like a slice of triumph and power with our beloved character, we also believe that there are others that are as much strong as you character is…if not stronger! So to avoid any issues, please read the following pages (depends on what type of character you are going to make of course).

However, six primary style types of combat are identified in Advent.

Six Primary Fighting Styles

The Warrior
A person that has melee combat as their primary fighting style without using magic at all.
The Magical Warrior
a person that uses both melee and magic in his fighting style, however their primary fighting style is still melee combat. This means that they are not that good in magic.
The Mage
A person that has magic combat as their primary fighting style, using novice skills of melee combat whenever they are in real danger.
The Battle Mage
A person that uses both melee and magic in their fighting style, however they are more dependent on magic rather than physical combat. This means that they are not that good in melee fighting.
The Archer
A person that uses ranged-weapons as their primary power in order to fight his way out of a situation.


We ask you to please look further in these links to know more about how to build your character according what what you wish to make him to be. It won't take long and they are very much understandable, so please do not rush, sit down, and read thoroughly. We promise you it won't even take 5 minutes!

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