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  • Baron: Previous form of the God of Death, who was a sexless God. He was responsible in most of the Creation of the Planet and the rest of the cycles as well. He has now currently split himself into forms, a male and a female form of Gods in order to keep up with the Cycle of Souls on Advent.

Baron and Baroness Samedi: the current form of the God of Death, two entities that make one God. Keeping the name of the Baron out of respect of their former being, they are also recognised as being the first concept of marriage. They are also the rulers of Necromancy and they are responsible in managing the Cycle of Souls.

  • Body: The Body is the Soul's shell that grew and developed when the Force of Creatures was introduced for the first time on Advent. While it is dependant on the Planet in order to stay alive, a Body cannot possibly live without a Soul.


  • Celestial Beings: Also known as Gods by the dwellers of Advent. The Celestial Beings are the Empyrean One's soul, being born constantly in order to give life within the infinite space of the Empyrean One. They are all uniquely different, however they are all equal in power therefore they can never kill each other unless two Celestial Beings go against another singular Being. When a Celestial Being dies they are sent to the Non-Existance, where it will perish and will be reborn as a complete different being, without any memories of its former form.
  • Constallation: A constellation is much like how it is in real life; a sun with revolving planets around it.
  • Creature: A Creature on Advent is the being that has the gift of Magic, Knowledge, Power and Intelligence which are often part from the Force of Creatures, such as the Humans, Elves, Orcs, Faeries and the Florafauna Races.


  • Dullahan: The Barons' weakest Minions, they are appointed under the Lord of Death to guard in Niflheim and attack any strangers and foreigners in the City. A Dullahan only follows Lord of Death and they tend to lack a sense of friend and foe, therefore they may attack anything that lives in their path. however due to being the weakest minions, they can easily be killed by a strong skilled mortal.


  • Eire: Former Goddess of Life on Advent, who is heavily responsible in most of the initial creations of the planet and the cycles of Advent.
  • Empyrean One: Also known as the Universe, this is the ultimate form of Life, where everything exist. Whatever dies as a soul in the Empyrean One is sent to the Non-Existance.
  • Energy: This is the essence which keeps the cycle going, which keeps everything in balance. It can neither be created nor destroyed but only changed and manipulated, being put in a cycle between the Empyrean One and the Non-Existance.



  • Gods: See "Celestial Beings"






  • Liam Arc: The former God of Life on Advent, taking the shape of a Male God. He was responsible in keeping the Cycle of Souls ongoing by delivering the Souls to Odin Isle.
  • Lord of Death: One of the Baron's most powerful Minion and is currently appointed in Niflheim to guard the City from foreingers and ill-doers who try to harm the City and the Cycle. Also lacks a sense of friend and foe, therefore it tends to attack anything that lives in its path. The Lord of Death is very much impossible to kill no matter how skilled the mortal is.



  • Non-Existance: the ultimate form of death; whatever dies as a soul usually goes into into the Non-Existance, where the soul perishes and loses its memories and identity by being degraded into energy and sent back to the Empyrean One as nothing can exist in this hollow void.






  • Silven Light: The current God of Balance, taking the shape of a Male God and is also the ruler of the Cabalistic Magic. He is currently responsible in keeping balance over all the Cycles of the Planet.
  • Soul: A soul on Advent is more than just what keeps a body moving, it is what makes a person to be unique apart from just the physical features. Every living being has a soul on Advent, be it a plant or a creature, that offers a magical capacity, abilities and existance. The Soul is also considered to be hand-in-hand with the Body, the shell it grew in order to survive in the material world in order to have strenght and contact with it, however it came at a price; the body grew dependent on the planet itself, developing a system to nuture itself in order to keep its matter alive.
  • Sun: Suns in Advent tend to be made out of reactions of the four main elements, which are Fire, Ice, Earth and Air. With this combination, the Sun is a massive chain of explosions that radiates unimaginable heat and can be fatal if approached too closely.


  • The Seal: When someone mentiones "The Seal", it is most probably refering to the Blood Seal that was performed onto Sagis in order to trap him in Nirvana, unless of course the person in question is not mentioning another seal with such words a reference. This Seal is performed by two forces that have been created by the Gods Life and Death in order to counter Sagis' chaotic deeds. These two unique forces gained the form of a human man and a woman weilding a sword and shield respectively, created to fight against Sagis in order to protect the world from his chaotic nature by shedding their blood in battle and onto Sagis in order to perform the seal. Only by the loss of these individuals' lives and their blood on Sagis' hands can the Seal result to be successful. for more information about The Seal, [click here].



  • Valkyries: Silven Light's strongest Minions. They are warriors that guard Odin Isle and are responsible in distributing the Souls evenely back to the Planet in order to live again. Due to the fact that Valkyries are nowadays very few in numbers after the mishap of the Seal, such a responsability is in the hands of the Barons nowadays, with the Valkyries dwelling in Odin Isle as their Sanctuary. Rumor has it that these Valkyries are also Demi-Gods, a breed between the mortals and the Gods, in order to protect the world from harm.





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