Main Elements of Advent and Guardians:

  • Fire: Ifrit
  • Ice: Ktullanux
  • Earth: Tao Gunka
  • Water: Poseidon
  • Air: Zmey
  • Thunder: Bacsojin


The planet started to get violent reactions as the elements chained with each other; the planet's firey core started to boil tremendously due to the Sun's heat, seeping its way through the earth, melting weak ice and exploding lava onto the surface. In reaction the ice grew colder and fairly balanced the fires of the planet yet it wasn't enough just yet. The earth reacted to the fires by producing earthquakes, ones that split the earth and got water into the cracks. Due to such a phenomenon some pieces of earth got elevated to surface whilst the others drowned in the water, creating the mountains, the hills, the lands and the deep seas. The water snuffed out the weaker fires, and therefore stabilizing the temperature of the planet. Waters evaporated and turned into clouds, which grew blacker by time and by reaction lightning stuck the earth and moved the air in the atmosphere. Tornadoes were a result of misdirections of the winds, sweeping both lands, clouds and seas as they hurled in the atmosphere. While the earth remained still, the seas were thrown in movement therefore creating flows of waters. It creeped onto the shallower parts of the earth, thus making rivers and followed came waterfalls. The Gods were very much amused with these developments and they called this the Cycle of Elements.

The Gods watched these reactions in amazement and let them so for a while, until they saw that the planet could handle no more and needed control. They summoned creatures from those very same elements in order to retain them, keeping them in control as the planet could handle so much. These Guardians were to be made of pure element, with no gender and appearance in order to roam about the world. These were known as Ifrit of Fire, Zmey of Air, Bacsojin of Thunder, Poseidon of Water, Ktullanux of Ice and Tao Gunka of Earth.

They saw that everything was perfect but something was still missing, a medium in between the Gods and the Elements of the world and something that would control the vivality of the elements. They pondered on what could be added and tried several options, yet none that worked well.

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