Current Gods

  • Silven Light: God of Balance
  • Baron & Baroness Samedi: two entities making one Entity; Gods of Death
  • ????: God/dess of Life

Fallen Gods

  • Sagis: God of Chaos; currently locked up in Nirvana
  • Eire: Former Goddess of Life
  • Liam Ark: Former God of Life

Creation of the Gods

At the beginning of everything, there was the Empyrean One. No one but the Celestial Beings, that are part of itself, know its true name, origin or gender; however many of the Adventinians hold much speculations and theories on what or who the Empyrean one really is. Some say the Empyrean One is the Universe itself, the one that keeps the cosmos alive as Celestial Beings are born constantly and forming the Universe as it is known nowadays. Others speculate that the Empyrean One is none other than the planet Advent itself, being the only planet alive in a vacant space with its four Supreme Gods in charge.

From the Empyrean One four Celestial Beings were born; Eire, Silven, Sagis and Baron Samedi, the Beings that created Advent. Each Celestial Being, or "God" as they are now referred to, had unique traits and qualities; Eire would be the the Mother Goddess, the God that would be associated with fertility, birth, agriculture, purity and health. Silven would be the God of Balance, wisdom, reason, equality, and witticism. Sagis would be the God of chaos and warfare, hunting, strenght and victory. The last but not least, the Barons, would be the God of death, closure, wealth, rest and afterlife. As the Empyrean One always bred new Celestial Beings to the cosmos' infinite space, it started to scatter itself further as these Beings lived in their galaxies, forming new stars, planets and constallations

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