Magics of Advent

Initiation of Cycle

An unexpected development has once again taken place; the two forces started to spark and react in a manner that the Gods couldn't fully comprehend at first, yet they watched in silence to see the result. It was none other than the birth of a new magic; the world gained a power that combined the Elements, Natures and Creatures alltogether under a form of Magic that could be deadly to use yet hard to perform, as the Magic scattered throughout the world and merged with the plantations, the elements and the creatures. The Gods weren't too pleased at this and were afraid that this would throw the world off balance if mis-used, yet they left it present and called it the Secret or Occult Magic.

Instead the Gods introduced three other types of Magics to the world; Silven took a piece of each natural Element present in the world and created the Cabalistic Magic, embedding several Major Wells on the planet. Eire performed her magic and from the purity of the Ice and Water, she worked her magic and turned such a purity into Holy Magic, a magic that would aid the creatures in their tasks and endeavors and planted several White Crystals throughout the planet. The Barons went down to Niflheim and deep underneath the city they took Earth and Fire, combining them together with their magic and created Necromancy, a magic that would make the creatures rule onto the dead and allowed to talk to the spirits that haven't moved on yet in order to aid the living. The Barons put the Black Crystal deep in the soils of Niflheim, in a location one shall never know where it is. Lastly, Sagis was a selfish god and didn't wish to give it a Magic as he saw that how it was, everything was already balanced. He instead kept his Magic to himself…

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